South African woman killed by bee swarm

JOHANNESBURG (Reuters) - A South African woman was killed by hundreds of thousands of enraged bees after her vehicle hit an electricity substation that contained their hive, an emergency services group said on Tuesday.

"The car crashed into an electrical substation in Johannesburg which housed a bee hive. It was 10 years old and had in excess of a million bees and they just went wild," said Paul Nel, spokesman for Netcare 911, a private paramedic and ambulance service.

"The people managed to stumble out of the car but they were just overcome by bees," he said. The incident occurred on Monday. He said the woman died at the scene while her husband was recovering in hospital.


13 Responses:

  1. cacepi says:

    Didn't anybody in Africa ever see "Phase IV?" Or "The Swarm?"

    You don't _ever_ mess with those insects! Ever!

  2. justmealex says:

    Why not stay in the car, roll up the windows, and close the vents?

  3. fnoo says:

    Tell me you've seen/heard the Eddie Izzard skit from Glorious..

  4. babbage says:

    Is this just bad reporting/subediting? My first thought on reading the extract was, if the husband was already in hospital recovering, why was the wife still at the scene?

  5. ciphergoth says:

    Bees in a car, man!

  6. airmax says:

    have you seen this webby award?
    a little bit Flash-y for human beings and exhaustive automated procedure described for robots

  7. batmite2000 says:


    (had to do it.)

  8. retrodiva1 says: