Just in case I ever need to be identified by dental records:

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  1. benchilada says:

    Jesus, those front teeth are scaring me...
    And rounded canines? Do you eat ROCKS?

  2. baconmonkey says:

    I don't remember your mouth looking like The Thing. When did you get hit by Space Radiation?

    • otterley says:

      Speaking of The Thing, have you seen these? Apparently they made the coveted "Worst Toys of 2005" list.

      I am particularly amused by the following disclaimer:

      Warning: Thing Hands are intended to be used only for dress-up fantasy play. Do not strike any person, pet or inanimate object with Thing Hands as serious injury could result, Do not use Thing Hands to make forceful contact with people, pets or inanimate objects as such contact can damage the Thing Hands, causing them to rip or become inoperable, or can cause injury to the person or thing with which it comes into contact or to the user's hand(s). Do not use this product as a protective device for the hands.

      • They had those when the Hulk came out too.

      • belgand says:

        Kids are much, much smater/stupider than that. They hit each other with sticks and know it will hurt. Hell, I've even heard of a disturbingly large number of people who shoot at each other with BB guns. Blaming something relatively innocous because kids will hit each other with them and they might get hurt is ignoring the real issue: kids desperately want to hurt each other.

  3. saltdawg says:

    When I was a third watch security guard at RI hospital, I used to have to patrol the dental clinic. I used to steal the most fucked up plaster casts and give them out as gifts. I hope none of those people die in any catostrophic accidents, because they were QUITE popular. And quite cheap.

    You were wise in taking yours home with you.

    There are many disgruntled security guards, much, much more disturbed than I was.

    • treptoplax says:

      Not to mention the dentists who 'lose' them in response to malpractice suits. Lots of fun for the poor guy trying to fix the mess afterwards.

  4. ralesk says:

    One day, I'm gonna go to the DNA and recognise you by the teeth. That's actually quite a scary thought.

  5. sea_wolf says:

    Oh gross. Dental X-rays are apparently ample for identifying corpses, but not nearly as cool.

  6. rzr_grl says:

    But you have such beautiful teeth! How did they manage to make them look so scary??

    Boy, you gots a purty mouth. Huh. Huh huh.

  7. ammonoid says:

    Do you grind your teeth as well?

  8. vxo says:

    Nice. They look a bit like my teeth, though my canines are much more frighteningly fang-like. I'm quite convinced that I'd easily draw blood if I bit someone.

  9. jkonrath says:

    Fess up: you're getting a set of gothy fangs made, aren't you?

  10. luserspaz says:

    What was the cast for? I've been working on some systems for the Invisalign manufacturing facility lately. Let me tell you, I have seen some crazy messed up teeth. They have problem teeth occasionally that are so misshapen they won't fit in the holders in the forming machines etc. Scary stuff.