"As I recall, I was trying to assassinate God in that episode!"

A very entertaining re-cap:
"Doomed love! Pharmacology! Futility! Insane machines!
Unholy creatures! Dismemberment! Infection! Body modification!"

The Not-So-Secret History of 'Aeon Flux'

I live in dread of the upcoming movie...

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  1. strspn says:

    Two Peter Chung interviews: from 2000, indicating that he wasn't having anything to do with the live-action movie (plus explaination of how the inspiration of AF was in fact Rugrats) and from 1995, right after the dialog series.

  2. psymbiotic says:

    It's got the stank written all over it.

    Egan >xp

  3. britgeekgrrl says:

    That's about as succinct a summary of AF's history as I've ever seen.

    And I, too, dread the film.

  4. guyver3 says:

    Ha, that was a fun read. Last two movies I watched and enjoyed were Aristocrats and Mirrormask. I fear the rest of the crap that comes out these days.


    • patrick says:

      How in the hell could anyone like MirrorMask? That was such a huge piece of garbage. Aeon Flux can't nearly be as bad as that movie.

  5. otterley says:

    I live in dread of the upcoming movie...

    And yet you will see it anyway. Have you no self-control, man?

  6. inkbot says:

    "I live in dread of the upcoming movie..."

    >>so, saturday then? ;)

  7. What's to dread? Embrace your fate! You'll see the movie, it'll suck, you'll be 2 hours closer to death. That's my plan, anyway.

  8. ioerror says:

    I personally cannot wait to have the last of my childhood destroyed.

  9. jfpoole says:

    Probably the only good that will come of the movie is the Aeon Flux Animated Collection DVD set.

    • internebbish says:

      Yes. Probably the only good. Though Chung mentioned in an interview recently that he'd like to do an animated movie.

      Just got my dvd. The extras - storyboards, pencil tests and such are beautiful.

    • yakko says:

      I bought it last week. I'll watch that and forget the movie exists. Much easier on the sanity and the pocketbook.

  10. The Studio has decided to cancel all (or most) of it's Preview showing of Aeon Flux (was reported in SciFiWire, but gone now. sorry for no link.)

    This is, of course, not a good sign.

  11. strspn says:

    "If you can't say anything nice, then don't say anything at all." So, let's see:

    Um, they could have improved it if they had replaced two gunfights with just a little butressing of how the mystical part of the story was taking place, maybe a little, perhaps.

    Or, how about this: The way that the plot device was slowly revealed was fairly artful and that would have been good if everyone who had any passing familiarity with the animated series wasn't expecting it. The movie was certainly was targeted toward newcomers.

    Or: at least the plot device wasn't really the defoliaton cannons that the just-released prequel comics suggested.

    I do keep getting the impression that there was a possibility of saving it, somehow, but not with editing. It needs at least a few careful screenplay revisions to get from here to passable. If there is a re-make in some decades, I will see it.

    On the other hand, everyone who was talking about it on the way out of the theater was being very positive. And of course the 14-year-old boys were positively gushing, figuratively and literally, subjecting everyone in the restroom to their understanding of the details of the plot device. (The plot device which by its very nature opposes any chance of the conflict resolution. That would be forgivible if that particular aspect of the plot device wasn't a fucking current event. (Rot13 for spoilerguard: Pybavat qrtrarengrf naq pbhyq arire urny n pbatravgny reebe.)

    If it does well, just hope Chung gets money for more animation.

    • strspn says:

      The more I think about it, it seems that the director put everything possible into supporting the emotional power of the final scene taking place [rot13: va gur cerfrag]. That part might have a whole lot more appeal to the unexposed, but in a world where people communicate large-vocabulary paragraph-level thoughts and images via chemistry, they needed to at least throw a bone to the rationalists -- it would have been easy. Maybe after I sleep on it I will be able to forgive them for leaving that aspect all unexplained. But that scene did carry a very positive and hopeful, um, feeling, which actually might be the problem.

  12. good_ol_ed says:

    they coulda got a hotter chick to play Aeon. Seriously. everytime i look at chalize whatevers face i think to myself how how unattractive her face is. the bodies ok. the face is just unattractive tho. that in and of itself dictates a bad movie.

    for some reason tho, i have a wierd attraction to the unattractive. damit. ill prolly go see it now.