1. The Mystery Electrical Burning Smell is still here, but seems somewhat more rare now. I spent a week with most of the breakers turned off in another attempt to narrow it down. The only things I haven't left off for a day are the computers (because, like, I need those) and the fridge (because I don't like soggy food). Bleh.
  2. I have run out of the internets. You will entertain me now.


47 Responses:

  1. dear jamie: LEAVE THE HOUSE

  2. marm0t says:

    The Mystery Electrical Burning Smell is probably the evil, acrid counterpart of the Mystery Maple Syrup Smell that hovered over NYC in recent weeks. I, for one, salute our Mysterious Smell-Generating Overlords.

  3. whittles says:

    they call this 'street climbing'

    Can I be them when I grow up?

    - whit

  4. rosefox says:

    <LJ USER=c_and_a>
    <LJ USER=irregular_comic>
    <LJ USER=alienlovespred>
    <LJ USER=cfnation>

  5. fantasygoat says:

    I run out of internet around 4pm every day after I read all my comics, my forums, my blogs and then LJ. Sadly I still have to sit at my desk for another 2 hours after that.

    I guess I shouldn't complain, I could be forced to get a real job.

  6. logodaedaly says:

    I, too, am out of internet. And it's Friday. Tragic situation.

    Where can I buy more?

  7. avphibes says:

    No mail days ARE sad days! That man with his head in his hands? I am that man.

  8. catonic says:

    You're asking Lazyweb to entertain you? The dominion of fanboys and losers? Please, get help....

  9. I suggest reading some angsty romance lesbian fanfiction written by actual lesbians(which is to say, not Steve Stirling or his online equivalents). Doing this tends to make me happy.

    or anything by S. Anne Gardner

  10. cje says:

    1) Ride your bike downtown and shoot people in suits with water guns.

    2) Drive your car downtown, find a nice crowded street (easy), pretend to change lanes then stop and spread a map over your steering wheel for a few minutes.

    3) Surely there's a movie out today that you want to see.

  11. prog says:

    It looks more like the solider has just read about how he's been dumped for the mailman.

  12. shephi says:

    When I run out of the internets I use the StumbleUpon extension for Firefox. You might be a Safari person, though.

  13. muftak says:

    smelling burning is a sign of brain cancer...

  14. defenestr8r says:

    well, it's not so much entertaining as terrifying, but i offer starbucks nudes!

    more here:

  15. deni_zen says:

    at least you do not have a mystery stench in your neighborhood. oh no wait... my friend just told me "that's milpitas."

  16. bifrosty2k says:

    1. Motorcycle
    2. Porn
    4. Renting Beer and returning it interesting ways
    5. Random Music
    6. Leaving San Francisco and going interesting places
    7. IRC

    I'm doing #1 & #6 tomorrow, and I bought myself a new Dual Opteron server today so that takes care of #3. Going somewhere else to be bored always beats being bored at home.

    Go drive to Burney or something, should take you 3-4 hours to get up there.

  17. jwm says:


    I bring you more internets:


  18. romulusnr says:

    I'm sorry, but...

    What's that blubbering pansy doing defending our country from fascists and Nazis (at least Italian fascists and German nazis)? Can't you get a section 8 for that? If you can't get through a day without mail without a breakdown, daddy-o, you're gonna be fucked at Normandy.

  19. greatbiggary says:

    You could get into the white-supremacist stylings of 13-year old Olsen twin-alikes "Prussian Blue," singing the praises of their Nazi heritage, and how awesome being white is.

    ABC story
    their website

  20. moof1138 says:

    There are new)ish) lists on McSweeneys:

    This made me laugh for a few seconds:

  21. hermeticseal says:

    you might have already seen it, but there's a gang of four podcast from KCRW's morning becomes eclectic in the iTunes podcast directory...

  22. google://mighty%20moshin%20emo%20rangers

  23. kathrynt says:

    You're probably full up on internets by now, but in case you run out again, check out Michael Palin's diaries of his travel programs for the BBC. I particularly recommend the Sahara and Full Circle.