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In the last month, we have had no less than three drives die, some the day we brought them home. We came frighteningly close to losing three years worth of data. This confirms my opinion that RAID is pretty much worthless: the software will never tell you when one of the drives has failed (even though it's supposed to) and it will never be easy to replace one of the drives (even though it's supposed to). The only reliable way to do backups is to rsync to a different machine, preferably one in a different building.

Oh, and also, Soundweb died. Soundweb is the computer/appliance that runs out sound system, so for the first half of that night, the only sound in the club was what was coming out of the dj's monitors.

Sunspots! Or one of our customers is testing out their HERF gun on us.

Photos are now up of Cabaret Verdalet (a great show as always) and of Android Lust + Equilibrium. I really liked Android Lust a lot! I was also pleasantly surprised that they were a real band, not just laptops.

Check out the "Stained" video on their web site, it's very cool.

Upcoming events worth attending:

      Thu, Nov 25:   Meat: If ever there was a night to go to a club called "Meat", it's Thanksgiving, right?
      Sat, Nov 26:   Pop Roxx.
      Sun, Dec 11:   Ayria: They played here in July 2004. They weren't bad.
Wed, Dec 14:   Conjure One: Rhys Fulber of Front Line Assembly and Delerium.
      Sun, Dec 25:   Death Guild Christmas Night.
Thu, Jan 05:   Specimen: Yes, that Specimen, of "Sharp Teeth Pretty Teeth" and "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang"! Is noted psytrance hippie Olli Wisdom still in this version of the band? I haven't been able to figure that out yet.

Danger Will Robinson!

If you use Missing Sync, it's going to ask you to upgrade to 5.0.2 today. If you value your sanity (and the contents of your calendar and address book) I really recommend you not. <LJ-CUT text=" --More--(13%) ">

Here's what I sent via their feedback form last night. No reply yet, except an auto-reply saying that the company will be completely shut down for Thanksgiving! Making it even more awesome that they did a release the day before. "Time to ship, save your buffers!"

I upgraded to 5.0.2 and synced, and all kinds of bad things happened:

  • every email address, postal address, and AIM handle in my addressbook was duplicated: if someone had 3 email addresses, now they had 6.
  • the tags on lots of those addresses changed from "work" or "home" to "other".

  • every "repeat yearly" entry in my iCal was duplicated. Now there are two copies of every birthday reminder I ever entered.

So I restored Library/Application Support from backup and tried again, this time saying "overwrite handheld at next sync" for contacts and events. That seemed to work at first, but:

  • then the next time I synced without doing "overwrite", it screwed up the start times of all of my events! E.g., every event that was "8pm - 10pm" is now "12am - 10pm"!

Should I downgrade to 5.0.1, or do you expect 5.0.3 to be out almost immediately?

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"it's turtles all the way down."


"How hard is it to shoot off a lock?"

"How hard is it to shoot off a lock?"

"Answer: Very hard."

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