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Dear Lazyweb,

Since restoring my iMac from backup, every time I try to sync my iMac and my Treo, it says something along the lines of, "Syncing with phone will change more than 5% of your Calendars on this computer. Add: 1158. Delete: 0. Modify: 3. Ok?" And sure enough, if I say "Ok" it duplicates every event in my iCal. Each time.

I think I want to just tell the computer, "blow away what's on the Palm and treat what's on the computer's copy as the ultimate authority." How do I do that?

Update: "iSync / Devices / Reset All Devices" sounded promising, but it just caused the Treo to start rebooting every time it tried to sync the calendar. So I did a memory-wiping hard-reset of the device (hold down Off for ~10 seconds while pressing the reset button by the battery) and that let it reinstall everything. (Except that for some reason, Snapper Mail made me re-enter my account info). So, it's fixed now... for now.

Update 2: The new version of Missing Sync is out now, and comes with its own conduit that fixes most of the complaints I had about fields not being synchronized. To get it to install I had to go through the "reset the device, reinstall Snapper" dance again, but now there's a lot more data in my phone's address book and calendar, which is very nice.

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dnalounge update

DNA Lounge update, wherein you lock the target.
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Henry Rollins tomorrow

It has only just come to my attention that Henry Rollins is doing his spoken word stand-up comedy routine on Tue Nov 8 at the Palace of Fine Arts. Highly recommended: he is quite possibly the funniest man alive. Certainly the funniest man with the largest neck. The tickets I just bought ended up in the very last row, so hurry. (Alas, it's TicketBastard.)
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