ways in which this week has sucked:

Last weekend was great due to the brief return of my lovely girlfriend. But then:
  1. She left.

  2. The profound meltdown of computers at the club entered its second week. Mostly Jonathan is taking care of it, but I have not escaped computer-based stress.

  3. My home iMac died. I thought it had a bad drive, so I just went and bought a new one, but that didn't work either, so it was looking like the drive controller fried. I took it back to Apple, and it looked like a mobo problem to them too -- but when they gave it back, they had just replaced the drive, not the mobo. So I guess I can expect it to die again some time soon. Well, at least they didn't charge me anything. (But now I have an extra drive I don't need and can't return.)

  4. Two days of restoring from backups and tediously reinstalling and reconfiguring shit shows me that my backup strategy leaves quite a lot to be desired.

  5. After the restore, my Treo won't sync. Apple and Palm, a pox on both your houses.

  6. The Mystery Electrical Burning Smell in my apartment has also entered its second week. It's not the iMac, because the smell was here when the iMac wasn't. I can't tell where it's coming from, so I started unplugging everything electrical, then plugging things back in one at a time, three hours apart. But now I have discovered that whatever is making the smell is highly intermittent, so I have to start over. Yay.

  7. Somehow I fucked up my knee last weekend. I don't know how; "revelry". It's not bruised or swolen, but it hurts to go up or down stairs, and it clicks when I bend it. I made the mistake of googling "knee pain", from which I learned that this probably means somehow a divot got knocked out of the cartilage plate between the bones. That stuff gets no blood flow, meaning it never heals, so apparently there are only two solutions to this: "deal with it", which will fuck you later in life; or, they go in and shave the cartiage down, which will fuck you later in life. Oh, but all the web pages go on to say "make sure you see a doctor right away!" Presumably so that they can charge you for the information that you're fucked.

    Hypochondriasis in full effect!

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DNA Lounge: Wherein both photos and your plans for this evening are presented.

Last weekend was awesome! Photos are now up of Pop Roxx and Halloween. I don't remember which order they finished in, but the top three finalists in our costume contest were Edward Scissorhands, Jack Skellington, and Willy Wonka... the Tim Burton trifecta. (There might have been more, but pirates and corpse brides don't win costume contests.)

This week has been somewhat less than awesome: the primary webcasting machine has gremlins again (Dead drive? No. Bad RAM? No. Flaky power supply? Probably not. Just fickle? You bet.) We lost a webcast because of it, and things are currently being held together with spit and bubble gum while Jonathan tries to figure it out. Blah.

Front 242 is tonight -- highly recommended!