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There's lots of cool stuff going on this week -- plan your calendar carefully!

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26 Responses:

  1. Sun, Oct 30:

    * Capacitor: Digging in the Dark (final show)
    * Re-Animator Live (final show, 2pm only)

    Getting them to do another show that night if I can get enough people together...
    Figure that way everyone will be semi-recovered from the weekend of drinking and dnacing...

  2. deadmoose says:

    I just bought tickets online for the DNA Lounge halloween, and noticed in the fine print at the bottom that it said no cameras. That's just generic boilerplate that should be ignored, right? There are always all the photos/you talking about taking pictures/etc, so I can't imagine it's really true, but I figure it's safer to ask first.

    • jwz says:

      Yeah, cameras will definitely be OK on Halloween.

      Cameras are usually ok, but when there's a band, it's up to the band, so we don't know what they allow until they are in the building on the day of the show.

      • I overheard the sound guy at Sigur Ros last month saying to someone "if I see any flash photography I will find you and break your legs." Which I thought was pretty awesome.

  3. I just saw Bauhaus in Seattle. It was very iffy. A startlingly short set beset by clumsy sound work, and not saved by a good (but not jaw-dropping) light design. There were highlights, but when I found I had to remind myself to be enthusiastic about it because it was likely the last time I'd see them on stage, I realized it was just plain old mediocre.

    • jwz says:

      I'm probably gonna pass on Bauhaus this time around. I went to the one-off reunion show in LA a few years back, and that was amazing. Then I saw them again on the "real" tour about six months later at the Warfield, and I felt like, "ok, I just saw this show, but it was better last time." And I'm not crazy about the Warfield anyway...

      However, if David J ever comes to town doing his solo stuff, don't miss it. He's really great.

  4. hafnir says:

    I'm surprised you didn't mention Negativland.

  5. anti_tim says:

    the THING by J. Carpenter is at Castro theater Sunday (tonite). It's the only time I have ever had the chance to see it on the big screen. Not to be missed.

    • aerosolkid says:

      Seeing The Thing on opening night (yes, I'm ancient...) was a wonderful experience.

      Right after the first 'monster' scene, in the dog kennel, I'd say about a full third of the theater got up with shocked expressions on their faces, and left.

      And a friend that went with us kept making trips to the concessions. A lot.

      What a wonderful movie :)

  6. did you actually go to red elvises? i didn't see you there, but that's entirely possible through the sea of people.

    when are you seeing capacitor? i'd bet me and the whits would like that. LOTS.

    and i am entirely amused that your term for it is now FPV, too.

  7. bifrosty2k says:

    I will prolly be at 242, I haven't seen them in years.