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  1. relaxing says:

    + ??

    I mean, the ghoulist pallor pretty much gives it away.

  2. mykwud says:

    so THAT'S the secret ingredient!

  3. bonniegrrl says:

    oh i totally forgot about her...


  4. bbsy says:

    I think you forgot the "parts" tag.

  5. jabber says:

    She's still weirdly hot, but still not as hot at the Cheeto girl.

  6. ultranurd says:

    Dare I ask how this qualifies as "furries"?

  7. taffer says:

    100% authentic long pig.

  8. gordonzola says:

    I know you probably know this, but I definitely prefer your commenters to the ones on her LJ. though it is amusing to watch guys try and "get to know" her.

    • jwz says:

      I guess it's good to know that other people's journals attract an even higher concentration of retards than mine.

      I guess.

      • rodgerd says: claim to be bothered by retards, but you have a LiveJournal?
        By this logic, the next step in your quest to have a *ix like system you don't have to spend all day fucking around with to get things to work will be to ditch Mac OS X and get a Gentoo system.

        • dagbrown says:

          I personally have to spend all day fucking around with MacOS X to get it to do stuff I want to do.

          Then again, I don't use Gentoo. You mean it's even worse? God help us all.

          Incidentally, the <lj user="miss_mcdonald"> chick really is a cutie. But she's from the Philippines, so what can you expect? She probably also eats guys for breakfast. Don't fuck with Filipinas, unless you really like the flavor of your own testicles. (This is not so much a stereotype as it is a sort of a general guideline.)

          • thumperward says:

            She probably also eats guys for breakfast.

            The lack of reference made to the topic photo intrigues me.

            - Chris

            • dagbrown says:

              I remember putting a reference in the topic photo in—in my mind. I guess it must have slipped out between brain and fingers. It's the mental equivalent of locking your keys in your car and walking away: "I knew I forgot something but I can't think what."

              Imagine I'd said, "She probably—as you can see—also eats guys for breakfast," up there (I don't like to make assumptions—she might be eating a girl after all. And that might have turned my STOOPID post into a MARGINALLY FUNNY post. Unlikely though.

      • fantasygoat says:

        Try doing my journal for a few weeks and you'll thank your lucky stars for the retards you get here.

  9. This was one of the more amusing LJs turned up by a script I wrote to crawl friends list (for each $user it takes the friend with the most friends in common, and the friend with the most friends not in common).

  10. baconmonkey says:

    dude, posting this after the Monkey Love pic...
    Angela's back in town, stop hitting on me.

  11. rjray says:

    Mmm... Happy Meal.

  12. benediktus says:

    there are books filled with people like this...

    ..though, what's gothic lolita style???

  13. geso says:

    i don't know how i arrived to your journal... surfing webs...
    anyway i arrived to:

    that i find hilarious! :D
    like that picture in this post...
    i also look that you are running a club, which also looks so interesting, so... so... so... i thought that if you don't mind, i would like to add you to my "friends" just to keep myself informed about new things...

  14. scott94110 says:

    See my user picture.