San Francisco made of Jello

Elizabeth Hickok:

(MPEG: who knew earthquakes could be so wiggly and delicious?)

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18 Responses:

  1. jwm says:


    What this needs is several small, rampaging children in halloween Gozilla costumes. Then it would be truely perfect.


  2. laptop006 says:

    Makes me hungry just looking at it :-)

  3. korgmeister says:

    Not sure that video was an earthquake so much as the artist occasionally kicking the table.

    Although I think it says something rather disturbing about me that I find something vaguely phallic about the motion of some of the tall, pointy buildings. (But then, I do have "homoeroticism" listed as one of my interests, so that ought come as no surprise.)

  4. benediktus says:

    jell-o is people

  5. defenestr8r says:

    fucking genius. yay!

  6. puremeow says:

    thats amaazing.


  7. ferrarireign says:

    I adore your journal so I had to add you hope you don't mind. If you can stand another friend I'd love it if you could add me back.

    Rock on and don't get caught in any wiggly quakes.

  8. jesus_x says:

    Telegraph Hill in Jello? We must stop this now, or else we'll find it the beginning of a slippery slope into madness. It will have a chilling effect, or worse, it will help gel the opposition! The little Golden Gate though was cool, it left me feeling a sense of suspension at the stability of it's colloidal foundation.

  9. strangehours says:

    This would be the perfect set for a re-filming of Attack of the 50 foot Woman.

  10. andr00 says:

    Wobbly fruity-colored SF really wants to be an openGL screensaver hack. It cries out for it, "make us into a hack, pleaweeweeweeweeweese!"

    All those meshes would be huge? C'mon, there's always room for jell-o.