Drunk of the Week: Toi Sennhauser

"Yum, yum, yum! Look at that great big frothy glass in Toi's hand. Wouldn't you just LOVE IT if a beautiful girl in a freaky cleavage-poppin' Oktoberfest outfit handed you a nice icy cold beer RIGHT NOW? Mmm, beer! Would you still drink it if I told you that Toi made that beer with yeast from her own vagina? That she made a keg of homebrew, called "Toi Sennhauser's OPB -- Original Pussy Beer"? Hmm, would you drink it then? Plenty of people were drinking the OPB at Toi's event at Crawl Space Gallery this past Saturday. I'm told that several people even got bonafide drunk."

"Experimentation with these historic staple foods, in combination with my own body, helps to build a new artistic dimension."

See also: Pruno.


48 Responses:

  1. pjammer says:

    Mmmmmmmm ... next up, menstral blood cakes!

  2. violentbloom says:

    mmm thrush infection!

  3. keimel says:

    First impression: Hoax.

    Second impression - using wild yeasts, which is what beer was made with up until recently, would certainly provide enough yeast cells to get any brew started. Whether it'd be tasty or not, we don't know. There's have to have been some concentration of a vaginal yeast culture to be added to the wort to ensure that it would be the most active yeast in the brew (as opposed to the wild yeasts).

    I'm thinking it'd be easy enough to tell whether it's a hoax or not by examining the remaining yeast hulls and comparing them with known samples of beer yeast vs. Sennhauser's (or another woman's) yeast.

    I'm not about to spend the time to find out.

    • abates says:

      It says in the linked article that she simply added "trace amounts" of her own yeast to standard brewer's yeast, so...

      • jwz says:

        Yeah, I read "trace amounts" as "she dropped a few pubic hairs in the keg."

        • gutbloom says:

          Well, I hope she has some German blood in her because when I add pubic hairs to my beer I make sure they are Bavarian pubic hairs. In my book Bavarian = Beer. I have my standards.

      • keimel says:

        Geez keimel, RTFA! :) (I skimmed it).

        I'm guessing Jamie's right in the other comment following yours. Would those hairs then be like the worm in tequila?

        *gah!* *shudder*

    • fdaapproved says:

      I doubt it would even work, assuming she was actually a good enough biologist to work up (and purify) a culture. AFAIK Candida strains show up in the fermentation process occasionally (I believe in wine making mostly) but gets knocked out in the first couple of days because it doesn't have the alcohol tolerance of S.c.

  4. abates says:

    I worry that if this is what people come up with now when they have too much time on their hands, what's going to happen when the robots take over all manual labour and leave humans to a life of leisure? We'll have every person on the planet sitting around bored thinking up crazy things like this to do.

    "Hey, I know, I'll make an alcoholic beverage from my bodily fluids!"

  5. mstyne says:

    Nobody ever wants to drink my homemade lemonade.

  6. kraquehaus says:

    Smegcheese -- spreadable smegschmeer

  7. rawdogue says:

    I'm _not_ down with OPB.

  8. leolo says:

    Dear American People, Please Stop Exploring Your Sexuality.

  9. roseredcity says:

    that is so fucking cool. mad props to her.

  10. valacosa says:

    Bah - so much food comes from "disgusting" sources anyway, be it seaweed, pigs feet, or insects. Hell, there's insect derivatives in everything. Even milk is gross when you think about it...

    When it's made from puppies and orphans, then I'll be appalled.

  11. triggur says:

    I think I just threw up a little in my mouth.

  12. autodidactic says:

    I think it would go well with human breast milk cheese.

    Human breast milk cheese wheel. Think of it.


  13. nyankolove says:

    I bet those people were "bonafide drunk" before they even drank this. I know I'd have to be.

  14. benediktus says:

    Excerpt from German Beer Purity Law from 1516:
    [...]nothing is to be added to or used in beer other than barley, hops and water. Whosoever knowingly disobeys this decree will be severely punished by the court having jurisdiction over him by having his barrel of beer confiscated whenever this offense occurs.[...]

  15. fantasygoat says:

    I made a 25L bucket of Pruno for a party last year. It smelled vile and tasted terrible, but people drank it and got quite hammered. I also made some brandy from it, and that proved to be immensely popular as well. Go figure.

  16. xenogram says:

    Hey, it's not like I wouldn't stick my mouth there anyway...

  17. irma_vep says:

    What horney dumb men may or may not know is that yeast from a woman's vagina is toxic. It is not the same as Brewer's yeast, or the yeast that is used to make bread. So either this is a total, porno scam, or those people ( maybe women, too...dumb as well in that case )drank toxic beer.