People who say "a few minutes" when they mean "more than an hour" are asking to get shot.

Especially when I'm hungry.

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  1. spikenheimer says:

    not an acceptable excuse, but maybe they were watching Lost

  2. I think this is the shortest, and possibly most personal post I've seen from you.

  3. bifrosty2k says:

    c'mon, shame them publicly plz.

  4. violentbloom says:

    somebody has low blood sugar!

  5. Try working for attorneys.

  6. d14n says:

    I am a patient sort of person. If I decide to have a meal with a friend, I can wait a while. I can go over to her place and wait for her to get ready. I can chat with him for a bit. I can even tag along while she runs an errand or shops. But as soon as I call the friend and we decide to have a meal together, my hunger clock starts ticking. And eventually there comes a point when nothing but food matters anymore. At that point, I actually start to get an odd pain in my stomach and begin to feel weak with hunger. After that point, I will be rude and nasty until I am seated with food in front of me.

    It wasn't until recently (after a string of friends-doing-errands meal delays) that I discovered that this point is an exact elapsed time from the moment I decide I should eat. (Okay, the margin of error is probably about +/- 3%.) I don't exactly have double-blind clinical trials of this, but I do have the evidence provided by my cell phone: when I start to get really cranky in these situations, I check my cell to see when I called the friend in question. Without fail, the moment I become really intolerant (and intolerable) is two hours. It's uncanny.

    Okay, I'm done rambling now.

  7. silveryblu says:

    Please to be not killing my huzbind.

  8. starjewel says:

    sounds like lunchtime at the office ;)

  9. oh god. isn't this the ONLY time you get really, irrationally, crazy-rage attacks?

    no good.

  10. pdx6 says:

    Or shot and eaten.

  11. thesliver says:

    After nigh on twenty five years my wife has well learned that there are minutes and there are computer minutes.

    When I say I'll just be a minute that is an infinitely extensible amount of time when said from a sitting position in front of a computer, at all other times its just longer than a minute.

  12. defenestr8r says:

    that is evil.

    speaking of hungry, dim sum on the 29th?