Oh, Not Great Men, why must you taunt me so?

The Gang of 4 show has apparently been cancelled. I don't know why.

What I do know is that this is the fourth tour for which I've held tickets in my hand over the last sixteen years, and the third time they have cancelled. A 25% hit rate is Not Good.

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  1. justmealex says:

    Sad that it got canceled, but yay(!) for the no infants policy.
    This will get me tons of flames but I'm tired of screaming babies and parents who ignore them at hockey games, movies, concerts, plays, etc etc.

  2. ygg13 says:

    ...this is the fourth tour for which I've held tickets in my hand over the last sixteen years, and the third time they have cancelled.

    Jesus. That's just messed up. I would have cried.

  3. nonbinary says:

    I've never, ever seen an infant at a concert. Period. Is this some sort of SanFran thing?

    • ammonoid says:

      I've seen them at all ages events. Mostly at They Might Be Giants, though.

      • nonbinary says:

        It's understandable at a TMBG show since they make albums for kids, and even their "adult" music is stuff that I'd be keen on sharing with any youngster.

        The toddlers I've seen at all-ages shows usually seem to be in their late teens. Sadly I'm now one of those crusty old curmudgeons now who think they look like children and they probably figure I'm a pedophile, badly chosen undercover cop or someone's mom.

      • smackfu says:

        And I thought the local place was just being cute by changing "all-ages" to "12+".

    • decklin says:

      I had to yell at my parents 14 years or so later for doing this to me. (this *was* while they were on the east coast though.) I have yet to observe it happen myself, at least out here.

  4. ralesk says:

    "Please no infants or doors after 7pm"

  5. wealhtheow says:

    It's because they're planning to commit suicide after their L.A. appearance on the 17th, "on the roof of the brand new Virgin Megastore at Hollywood & Highland." Damn the Man!

  6. well remember to go and get your refund at place of purchase
    @ the fillmore, or give it to me before tuesday night and I can get it for you when I am there for turbonegro...

  7. bifrosty2k says:

    I think the secret here is "Budweiser True Music".

  8. violentbloom says:

    see and that's exactly why I hadn't bothered to get tickets!

  9. substitute says:

    Now I am going insane trying to figure out if their show at the Mouse of Blues is cancelled too, and there is NO INFORMATION.

  10. Has it occured to you that you, in fact, may be causing many other people to be unable to attend Gang of Four? That if you had not held, in your hand, tickets, the show might have gone on?

  11. I wonder if anyone has yet hacked a barcode onto a fake ticket after someone posted a picture of their ticket in glee, rather than sadness.

  12. djverablue says:

    damn, i really wanted to go to that! even though i've already seen them twice this year.....thats alot of touring for a band who hasn't released anything new in quite some time....