monkey love.

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  1. fantasygoat says:

    A mouth is a mouth.

  2. bebopmonkey says:

    in some countries, this is illegal. in others, there are men with no penises walking around.

    where is this? a college campus i hope.

  3. taffer says:

    And with nipple tweaking and everything... damn furries...

  4. dasht_brk says:

    Finally, an answer to Frank Zappa's question about the appearence of HIV in humans if it leaped from an SIV strain: "What I want to know is, who's fucking the monkeys?!?".


  5. omarius says:

    I have no joke here, I just like saying "Oh wee Oh wee Oh."

  6. zonereyrie says:

    This looks like part of a series, along with the Worcester Turtle-Boy Love Statue

  7. sherbooke says:

    and this is in a public zoo?

    P.S. I have seen pedigree cats do it. No foreplay. Lots of agony (I think, who can tell). Don't go there.

  8. I for one welcome our new simian fellators.

  9. whipartist says:

    Hi! I just spotted this via a referrer log. Yeah, I know, a couple of years late.

    I'm almost always happy to grant permission for my images to be used, and in this case I certainly would have said yes, but I really like it when people ask first. I just like knowing where my photos have wandered off to.