I, for one, welcome our new russian dog-kicking bull overlords

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  1. ex_sgt783 says:

    the original post says it takes place in Phoenix, Alabama.

  2. That's pretty awesome and gruesome at the same time.

    It says that this happened in Phoenix, Alabama. Apparently all these critters survived the hurricanes, which explains why the dogs were so hungry that they thought they could take down a bull.

    I know plenty of people who've said they were willing to kill for a steak, but usually the steak doesn't kill you back.

  3. baconmonkey says:

    Those are american dogs and bull, post Katrina.
    I love the hovering dog in #3.

    babelfish translates the text as:

    pic 1.
    15 September, Phoenix, the state of Alabama. Two pitbulya, which were remained after hurricane without the masters, obtain to themselves food independently.

    pic 2.
    Bull, in all likelihood, that was strayed and repulsed from the herd became their victim.

    pic 3.
    Dogs did not confuse the presence of the photo journalist, who was located in the composition of that passed past the patrol of the national guard, which controls the regions, which suffered from "katriny".

    pic 4.
    Finale histories - dog are shot down.

  4. rico99 says:

    Here's an article that describes the pictures (for those of us who don't
    speak Russian)...


    To think that 500 years ago this kind of thing was a sport. (bull baiting -- genesis
    of the bull dog) Gross.

  5. goulo says:

    But the bull isn't kicking the dogs: all its legs are on the ground in those photos with flying dogs. I think it's actually a jedi bull overlord. Only now, in the end, do the dogs understand the power of the dark side of the force.

  6. msjen says:

    Once again, thank you. Thank you so much for the tasty images.

  7. keimel says:

    Well it certainly scared the shit out of that bull.

  8. ducati says:

    "If we pull this off, we'll eat like kings!"