I, for one, welcome our new robotic dental explosive hygienist overlords

Soldier tried fake mouth-bomb in heist

The officers "rushed the suspect," took him into custody, walked him to a metal rail fence away from other people, handcuffed him to one of the rails and backed away. They recognized him by the tape on his mouth, Robinson said.

A bomb squad robot removed the tape. Robinson said once the tape was taken off, Lewis spat out an unidentified object, which was not an explosive device.

"Say AAAAH, bitch," the robot did not add.

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6 Responses:

  1. dasht_brk says:

    Fake fake fake. That's clearly a photo of the world's most over-engineered roach clip. It's probably a CMU robotics geek.


  2. Wow, how did a robot with such a huge pincher pull the duct tape off with out taking half his face with it?

  3. lroberson says:

    Dear god, man! What would happen if the man refused the robot's reach into his mouth? Severe dental damage?

    BTW, MA/Teardrop is the shiz.

  4. fastfwd says:

    For a minute there, I thought it was yet another weapon in the arsenal of the anti-smoking imperative. (Because if it were, I was going to look into getting one.)

  5. marmoset says:

    I bet he's glad he didn't tell the teller he'd hidden the bomb in his ass.