Cirque Éloize: Rain

I went to see "Rain" by Cirque Éloize the other day, and it is awesome. Impressive acts, and very funny. Go see it. There's only one week left: Oct 11-15.
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8 Responses:

  1. I saw it in NYC a while ago, you are correct in that it is fantastic. In addition to impressive and very funny, it is also riddled with forced (if well-done) poignancy and pointless postmodernism. This is a small price to pay, though.

  2. violentbloom says:

    but who has 70 bucks to see it?

    • jwz says:

      The cheap seats are $40. I guess you'll just have to put in another couple hours spare-changing on Haight.

      • how are the cheap seats? decent view?

        wait. i'm assuming that you actually took the cheap seats option. never mind.

      • violentbloom says:

        the cheap seats are 62 plus the 15 in service fees.
        I guess I just don't want it bad enough.
        I'll save my pennies for a tropical christmas in?

        • jwz says:

          So don't use TicketBastard. You're a big girl, you can figure it out.

        • glenra says:

          Go here and click on the buy tickets link:

          There are $40 tickets available, but there's a popup that by default has "best available" selected. If you leave it like that, it will /override/ your selection and give you the best seats available, which are more expensive than the ones you actually asked for. The other option is "2nd balcony". So you basically have to tell it /twice/ on the same form that's what you want.

          If you do, tix are $40 with a $7.75 service charge.