"already told her once..."

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  1. substitute says:

    The first time that happened to me everyone was joking about how much I must have drunk, but I hadn't. Apparently it's common for people to bust a vessel like that during Extreme Vomiting While Drunk.

    Kinda cool around Halloween, though!

  2. good lord. she must have pissed ed off pretty bad D:

  3. lars_larsen says:

    Once I walked into a bar. And sat down next to a cute girl. So I bought her a drink.

    Then she turned her head and I saw she had a black eye. So I thought "Damn! Bitch wont listen!"

  4. brutsid says:

    Looks kind of like an uncooked brat to me.

  5. _fluffy says:

    Syphilis can cause that too.