DNA Lounge: Wherein photos and bustedness are noted.

Photos are up of Meat and of the Voltaire + Jill Tracy show.

Jill Tracy was awesome, as always. I enjoyed the between-song banter of Voltaire's set more than the actual show, because while he's a funny guy, I generally don't like comedy music. Especially when it's filk. Yeah, that's right, he performed accoustic guitar songs about Star Trek. That sort of behavior hurts me real bad inside.

You may have noticed that the RealVideo webcast hasn't been working for the last few days. The upstream server isn't responding, and I have no idea why. Nothing has changed, so I'm hoping it just fixes itself eventually.

Don't forget, Halloween is Saturday!


ten thousand superballs, part 2

Remember the ten two hundred fifty thousand superballs bouncing down Kearny Street? The commerical they were making is out. It looks pretty cool. Shame about the hippie music, though.

Update: More awesome photos. Also, Making-of video.

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