Drunk of the Week: Toi Sennhauser

"Yum, yum, yum! Look at that great big frothy glass in Toi's hand. Wouldn't you just LOVE IT if a beautiful girl in a freaky cleavage-poppin' Oktoberfest outfit handed you a nice icy cold beer RIGHT NOW? Mmm, beer! Would you still drink it if I told you that Toi made that beer with yeast from her own vagina? That she made a keg of homebrew, called "Toi Sennhauser's OPB -- Original Pussy Beer"? Hmm, would you drink it then? Plenty of people were drinking the OPB at Toi's event at Crawl Space Gallery this past Saturday. I'm told that several people even got bonafide drunk."

"Experimentation with these historic staple foods, in combination with my own body, helps to build a new artistic dimension."

See also: Pruno.