DNA Lounge: Wherein you should definitely not accept that lollypop.

Photos are up of the Genitorturers + Beautiful Creatures show last week. Genitorturers put on an entertaining show, as always. It was a less intricate/raunchy show this time, but still fun. My camera got sprayed with fake blood. Beautiful Creatures sounded like Wasp or something. Total time-machine 80s metal.

Our ISP is closing down the colo facility that the webcast machine is in, so we had to move it to their new place. This means that we also had to have our T1 circuit moved, which meant dealing with the phone company, which is always a joy. So the phone company sent a guy out to the club -- we didn't know why, because it was the other end of the link that was changing, not this end. Apparently he was there to install a whole new phone line. We asked "why" and he said, "if you don't want me to do it, I won't do it..." So, he did it. It's all working now, and the machines have been moved, and there was much rejoicing.

Did you know that all this crap was hidden under the concrete slabs in the sidewalk?

This is what The Internet looks like. It's a wonder that anything works at all.

Here are our colo machines in their lonely new rack.

These are our new rack neighbors, Internet Archive and Exploratorium.