another stupid video question

Dear Lazyweb... I was able to save this video as a WMV with:
mplayer -dumpstream -playlist http://... -dumpfile out.wmv
But now how do I convert that to a Quicktime? ffmpegX 0.0.9t writes a 0-length file with no error messages.

Update: It would appear that this simply cannot be done, as there are no decoders for WMV3.

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Stonehenge versus the Neighborhood Association

The Monoliths Next Door:

It began with a one-liner, a throwaway, a joke: how would you get Stonehenge past a zoning board? Jonathan Rothberg posed that question after his plans for a zinc-clad observatory were swatted down following a local zoning hearing for, among other reasons, not looking sufficiently colonial. [...]

He hopes it will be eternal, too. Dr. Rothberg gave his design and construction team an additional brief: he wanted the stones around for 10,000 years. "Ten thousand years is on the same order of magnitude as recorded history," he said.

It's likely that in 100 years the site will be under water, according to Pat Arnett, a senior engineer in New York at the consulting engineering firm of Robert Silman Associates. "But Jonathan was O.K. with that," said Mr. Arnett, whose firm designed a concrete mix for the foundations similar to those used by the ancient Romans.

Mr. Arnett used computer modeling to simulate natural stresses like enormous hurricanes and earthquakes, as well as ones on a more human scale. "It hadn't occurred to me, but Jonathan asked about vandals," he explained. "So I tested a dump truck running into the stones at 40 miles an hour. If someone is really intent on destroying the circle, it wouldn't be easy." [...]

"The issue is whether or not it's considered a structure," Ms. Hayden was also quoted as saying. "They did it without any kind of permit." Indeed, Dr. Rothberg sought no zoning approval or building permit because, he said, "my position is, if I put up a piece of art, I don't need permission."

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Away, Haunter of Nightmares!

Dear Japanese People, or, What Would Charles Babbage Think?
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I, for one, welcome our new samurai muppet-cock sexuality-exploring overlords.

Mashiro Fukuyama:

Homeless or Jesus?

Homeless or Jesus?
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DNA Lounge: Wherein photos are taken and the wacky upsidedownland of Socialism is marveled at.

Photos are up of the Stromkern + Battery Cage, Madad belly dance, and Stendal Blast shows.

A funny thing about the Stendal Blast show: admission was free. This is because, despite the fact that the show was being promoted by the German Consulate, even they weren't able to talk the United States into issuing work visas. So instead, the band came on tourist visas. This is legal if they don't charge any money.

In other words, the German Government rented out the DNA Lounge just to let a band play for a couple dozen people, because they consider it part of the function of government to promote the arts.

Can you even imagine the U.S. Government doing something like that? What if your little industrial band could get an NEA grant to pay for your European tour? With free admission to every show?

Those wacky Socialists. What will they think of next.

(And the band wasn't even any good!)