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Sledgehammer-operated keyboard

The Quicktime movie is quite satisfying.
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15 Responses:

  1. benediktus says:

    wouldn't it be more satisfying, if the buttons contain live mice for acoustic feedback?

  2. kallisti says:

    Say goodbye to carpal tunnel syndrome...say hello to torn rotator cuff injuries, and the occasional "impact" damage.

    "So, how did you crush your foot?" the doctor asked.

    "I was typing a letter to my girlfriend, and missed the 'M' key."


  3. reddragdiva says:

    Ah, they've followed up the Model M at last.

  4. ronbar says:

    Maybe I'm mistaken, but that looks more like a rubber mallet than a sledgehammer.

  5. fastfwd says:

    Oh, dear--a keyboard and a whack-a-mole game have mated and produced this offspring. Another compelling reason to neuter or spay your peripherals. Even the wireless ones.

  6. mattyj2001 says:

    Does this come in dvorak?

  7. xenogram says:

    Almost a muppaphone. Excellent.

  8. simont says:

    For coding in languages that involve strong typing, of course.