Today in Heywood Jablome news...

Dr. Richard (Dick) Chopp is well known in the Austin community for performing Vasectomies.

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  1. vxo says:

    It would be almost infinitely more amusing if his hands were covering an area of his body a little lower than where they are now in the portrait.

  2. baconmonkey says: says there is indeed a Richard Chopp in Austin, TX. Also one in Virgina, MN.
    Also hailing from MN is one Stuart Pid.
    and thinking of Father Hardon, it seems Hardon is a pretty common last name.

  3. ultranurd says:

    I think we should be worried that it's listed under his "areas of special interest".

    • robcallahan says:

      He also enjoys treating patients with metabolic evolution of kidney stone disease, male endocrine urology disorders, prostate disease and Peyronie's disease.

  4. editer says:

    Reminds me of the quote Dave Barry unearthed some time ago from a prominent sex-change surgeon after he won a race for county commission: "We pulled it off."

  5. g_na says:

    Many, many years ago I worked for an insurance company. I used to keep a list of funny names. One that stuck in my mind was Dr. Butcher who worked at Dedman Medical Center in TX. (Other names included Hyman Blocker and gynecologist Dr. Kuntz.

  6. jabber says:

    In Merrimack, NH, there is a State Farm Insurance office headed by a Dick Tinglof. I'm sure they carry accidental dismemberment insurance.

  7. taffer says:

    There is (was?) a Dr. Fear working at the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto.

    If that were me, I'd be wearing a superhero costume to work.

  8. killdash9 says:

    I'm in Austin and got very 'hands on' with Doc Chop. He was scheduled to do my cut but went on vacation and I got one of his more boringly named associates. He is by far and away the most popular chopper at that facility. He has a pretty good sense of humor about his name but I didn't do the 'Hurr! Your name is Dick Chop.' bit either. He's actually very professional and supposed to be one of the best in town.

  9. kebernet says:

    From elsewhere:
    Dr. Hardeman enjoys caring for patient with prostate, kidney, bladder and testicular cancers as well as patients with erectile dysfunction.