Three words... SPACE. MONKEY. PANTS.

It's offered to your attention the "space pants" for macaque small monkey to wear it during the experimental space flight. This pants has been used for animals (monkeys) experiments in 1950-s - 1960-s in the USSR Institute of Biomedical Problems (IMBP, Moscow). The monkey's "space pants" are designed with many clasps to fit bigger or smaller monkey. Below are the front and the back views.
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9 Responses:

  1. babynutcase says:

    Thank goodness there were no naked monkeys in space that day.

  2. vxo says:

    I will hereby attempt to use the random exclamation of "SPACE MONKEY PANTS" as often as reasonably possible in everyday conversation.

  3. xenogram says:


    Yet another thing that I don't need but inexplicably want.

  4. lars_larsen says:

    Finally! My space monkey will never have to go pantsless again!

  5. kiskadee says:

    what, you couldn't use dust brothers' "space monkeys" as your music? :P

  6. wfaulk says:

    If I remember correctly, this was the first prerequisite for the Soviet Union's failed plan to put organ grinders in space.

    And wouldn't space be better if there were more street performers there? Or, rather, wouldn't Earth be better if more of the street performers were in space instead of irritating the public?

  7. baconmonkey says:

    what kind of self-indulgent dot-com millionare are you, letting those remain up for bid?me, I'm waiting for the American space monkey hotdog suitor the space chimp bucket.

  8. omni_ferret says:

    Um, did you just change some settings? At the bottom of your entries, I have a mass action option, for deleting (as spam) and (un)screening comments.