Meet Jack Torrance... He's a writer looking for inspiration! A trailer for The Shining as a different movie entirely. This is several shades of awesome. (NYT article.)

Not as good, but still entertaining: West Side Story as zombies.

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  1. psymbiotic says:

    OMG, too funny! :D

    Egan >:>

  2. mike sent that to the rest of the house last night--i boo-hooed. SO DAMNED TOUCHING.


  3. zonereyrie says:

    Since the link is giving 'refused' now - http://www.transbuddha.com/mediaHolder.php?id=909

    It is awesome.

  4. conradkilroy says:

    I love you Peter Gabriel!

  5. muerte says:

    Shining is much better than the West Side Story one. Both are very good, but Jack Torrance as a struggling writer is just too good.

  6. asan102 says:

    Completely unrelated, but it certainly seems like something this crowd would be interested in:

    While reading about Damien Hirst, I came upon this wonderful nugget of information:

    "In 1995 his piece, "Two Fucking, Two Watching," was banned from a New York gallery. The installation, described as "a dead cow and bull copulating by means of a hydraulic device," created a new wave of controversy. The animals' carcasses were not preserved and were intended to rot away. Health officials were very concerned that the smell and appearance of such decomposition would cause nausea in visitors. "

    To my great, great dissapointment, the internet seems woefully devoid of any pictures of this installation. Perhaps someone else can point us to some pics?

  7. sfslim says:

    "Shining" was indeed manifold fabulosity, while West Side Story (and Titanic, each by different editors) were nowhere near as good. In the case of WSS, too little of the footage was used (given that style and the sound fx, ANY movie could be sold as a horror film) and some of the footage appeared to have been altered as well. Much more enjoyable to see the transformation of "The Shining" through no more than clever editing, new music and a voiceover.

    I love teh int0rnets! I kiss you!

    (Now if I could only get my Treo 650 to cease/diminish its suckage.)

    • solarbird says:

      I'm in awe of Shining - it's not even like he picked innocuous moments from the original to remake into Lifetime channel romantic comedy; he took snippets of some of the creepiest scenes in the entire film and did it.

      A friend of mine saw this and now she wants to make Sleepless in Seattle into a 20-minute short film about a stalker. I'm for it!

    • fo0bar says:

      No, I'm pretty sure the Jets had glowing eyes.

      • sfslim says:

        "When you're a Jet
        you're a Jet all the way,
        from your first cigarette
        to your last demonically possessed cannibalistic blood orgy."

  8. ciphergoth says:

    Did he do the voice himself? It's just perfect - to the extent that I wonder if doing saccharine voiceovers is part of his day job. Given where he works, maybe he has a colleague who could do these things.

  9. lovelybug says:

    Incredible. Thanks for the link!

  10. dwaleberry says:

    You have some weird shit on your livejournal. That's why I added you. Rock on, dude.

  11. djargue says:

    ... they had used this choice line from West Side Story:

    "No matter who or what is eatin' at you, you show it, buddy boys, and you are dead."