Scraping Foetus Off The Cross?

Foetuses found at Bogota airport

Colombian police have found the bodies of three human foetuses hidden in statues destined for the United States. The discovery was made by officers searching for contraband at Bogota Airport on Tuesday. The corpses were wrapped in plastic and concealed inside statues of Christian icons, which were smashed open.

Colombian police chief Gen Jord Alirio Varon said the four- to five-month-old foetuses could have been intended for use in Satanic rituals. ["I have a secret radio transmitter in my teeth", he did not add.]

Gen Varon said the foetuses were found alongside crucifixes and medals. He said officials are trying to find out who sent the packages, which came from Barranquilla in Colombia and were destined for Miami in the US.

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8 Responses:

  1. baconmonkey says:

    I'm so tired of the aftershocks of the Recovered Memories of Satanic Ritual Abuse hysteria in the 80s.

  2. fo0bar says:

    But of course; those christians are known for their satanic foetus rituals.

  3. roninspoon says:

    Well that's just ridiculous. Everyone knows that Satan desires living babies, not dead ones. He would prefer babies recently gestated from the womb of a brain washed captive teenager, but he'll take any child you can drag kicking and screaming from a shopping mall or playground.

  4. boonedog says:

    Hmmm ... maybe abortion is illegal in Columbia and they were getting rid of the evidence?

    I had an acquaintance up here in Seattle who once told me (I think in the same conversation where she admitted having a secret radio transmitter in her teeth) that she had figured out that Boeing ran a secret, underground satanic cult dedicated to sexually abusing children and sacrificing babies. She was much scarier than the guy in a coffee shop who out of the blue started pointing out all the dead people walking around Capitol Hill that no one but him could see.

  5. dougo says:

    Since when are dead fetuses "corpses"?

  6. wfaulk says:

    I'm thinking illegal stem cell importation.