Piss Prague

David Cerny: Two bronze sculptures pee into their oddly-shaped enclosure. While they are peeing, the two figures move realistically. An electric mechanism driven by a couple of microproccesors swivels the upper part of the body, while the penis goes up and down. The stream of water writes quotes from famous Prague residents.

Visitor can interupt them by sending SMS message from mobile phone to a number, displayed next to the sculptures. The living statue then `writes' the text of the message, before carrying on as before.

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7 Responses:

  1. captain18 says:

    The spirit of the Netscape Sign lives on!

  2. ralesk says:

    "Dear Czech people..."?

  3. baconmonkey says:

    if that's considered realistic movement over there, then the humanoid robot infilitration program is far more advanced that I had originally feared.

  4. dasht_brk says:

    I don't know that we can fully appreciate this art until the first snowfall.

    As for the "oddly shaped enclosure" ... um... certainly appreciation of the work is enhanced by a map of the Czech Republic and some contemplation of its history.


  5. usufructer says:

    That is so cool it is almost beyond words. Stupid geeky art is great.

  6. sashamalchik says:

    wow, this is so 100% Burning Man-ish!