Oh no, Disneyland burned down.

I went to see the ski jump today (and if you are local and your first reaction to those words is either "what ski jump?" or "was that today?" then you might as well just go ahead and de-friend me now, because clearly I'm not benefitting you in any way.)

Anyway. Their web site said that the jumpery was from 2PM to 4PM. I got there at around 2:45, and they were already done! So basically I missed the whole thing. I was so bummed; I'd been looking forward to this for weeks! It took me longer to get over there than I thought it would, but still, I didn't think there was any chance they'd actually start on time!

There was a gigantic crowd of people who did get there on time, though:

And I got some pictures of this guy feeding snowballs to his dog. I assume the dog had never seen snow before! It was pretty cute:

Bigempty and Jef got some good pictures of the actual skiing. There are some (kinda dull) behind-the-scenes photos and video at SFgate.

Update: More photos of the skiiers at SFgate. Some good shots from Telstar Logistics; and Flickr tags icerair, icerair2005, and bigair.

Also, remember those self-involved assholes Laurie Beijen and Ben Tulchin, who got this event cancelled last time because they were rich and having a wedding? Well, another couple got married on the ski jump!

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9 Responses:

  1. bifrosty2k says:

    I was there around 12:15p, I got some very poor photos, I'll post them tomorrow.

    It was entertaining just to see the people there though.

  2. djinnaya says:

    How did you..? You what?!?

    Well, the website of theirs that I went to said noon to four, but we have a different internet here.

    Sorry you missed it. There were fewer yahoos than I expected. And yet, the ones that were there were in particularly rare form.

    All in all, not being a big Mosley fan, my favorite part was looking up Fillmore as we walked and seeing all the snow and people, so you didn't miss everything.

  3. OH NO!

    so sorry. that's awful!

    sara and i were wondering last night if there would still be snow there today...

  4. sashamalchik says:

    in that very sfgate video you have a link to mosley says it's at noon... good thing i used that as a guide

    it was too hot - the snow was too sticky - so they weren't getting high enough in the air, one guy said. it was fun nonetheless - after 1:30 or so, when the insanely packed lunch crowd thinned out at least a bit.

  5. zzedar says:

    I didn't think Beijen and Tulchin were that unreasonable.

    • capo_mojo says:

      You're obviously in the wrong place.

      • deeptape says:

        "This is an absolute fiasco," said Lynn Noonan, a clinical psychologist with an office in the neighborhood. "This is a bunch of narcissistic yuppies putting on an unnecessary stunt."

        Rich asshole, narcissitic yuppies, where's the peace, love and understanding?