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Some things I am giving serious consideration to attending. Mark your calendars:

Mon, Sep 12:   Black Rebel Motorcycle Club @ GAMH 
Tue, Sep 13:   Grendel & Equilibrium @ DNA Lounge 
Don't know either of them, but I assume they're laptop-jockeys.
Sat, Sep 17:   New Model Army, Babyland, etc. @ The Cracktory 
Lots of bands in the afternoon in scenic Hunter's Point.
Sat, Sep 17:   New Model Army + Invisible Ballet @ The Independent 
Later that night. Invisible Ballet are 2/3rds of Halou.
Sun, Sep 25:   Folsom Street Fair Party @ DNA Lounge 
I'm not a fan of street fairs (I don't need to eat greasy food while men with hairy backs sweat all over me, thanks), but we're going to be open all afternoon for the usual goth nonsense, so that's where I'll be.
Mon, Sep 26:   Apocalyptica @ GAMH 
Heavy metal cello.
Fri, Sep 30:   Pop Roxx @ DNA Lounge 
It's fun, you should go.
Thu, Oct 06:   Stromkern & Battery Cage @ DNA Lounge 
I like Stromkern; haven't heard Battery Cage.
Sat, Oct 08:   New Wave City @ DNA Lounge 
It's fun, and you're old.
Thu, Oct 13:   Genitorturers & Beautiful Creatures @ DNA Lounge 
I'm not crazy about Genitorturers' music, but they always put on a very entertaining stage show; sets, costume changes, suspension, etc.
Thu, Oct 20:   Chainsaw Mafia Film Festival @ Parkway Theatre 
What do we want? BRAINS. When do we want it? BRAINS.
Thu, Oct 20 - 23,  
Thu, Oct 27 - 30:  
Capacitor: Digging in the Dark @ Project Artaud 
Capacitor is a super-awesome acrobatic dance troupe. It's been too long since I've seen them.
Thu, Oct 20 - 21:   Gogol Bordello @ Slim's 
The album I have ("Multi Kontra") is just ok, but I'm told they're really good live.
Sat, Oct 22:   Red Elvises @ Slim's 
Russian surf music. They're fantastic live.
Tue, Oct 25 - 26:   Bauhaus @ Warfield 
Do I want to see Bauhaus again enough to put up with the Warfield? Hmmm...
Sat, Oct 29:   Halloween @ DNA Lounge 
Need more be said?
Sun, Nov 06:   FRONT 242 @ DNA Lounge 
Wed, Nov 16:   Veruca Salt @ Slim's 
One of my favorite bands for many years, and I've never seen them...
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36 Responses:

  1. twiin says:

    Are Front 242 still booking through AM Only? I've emailed them a few times to bring 242 up to Canada on this tour, but they've steadfastly ignored all my mail.

  2. deificar says:

    Don't forget Voltaire @ DNA on the 23rd of October. ;-)

  3. gregv says:

    Unrelated, but KMaps is starting to suck less with 1.5. The guy still needs to learn interface design, but caching the tiles to the SD card makes it dramatically faster, at least the second time you're in an area. There's an option to have a menu (why it's an option I don't know) you can tap around the map instead of using the 5-way (and the 5-way is no longer ridiculously slow) and it will plot directions on the map. It's officially usable, although it can still be designed much better.

    • jwz says:

      Yeah, I tried out 1.5 a few days ago, and I still think it sucks. Why doesn't someone write a real (meaning "not wasting my time with Java") app to do this? How hard can it be? And he's spending all his effort on some dumbass location-aware dating thing that's built into it instead of just making the damned maps work. Grrrr.

      • edouardp says:

        I think you have to take some of the blame for that. Remeber that whole "how do I get my users laid" thing? Be careful with those off the cuff remarks, since people, well, listen.

        As for Veruca Salt - over the years I've found certain albums that I never stop listening to. They may not be on high-rotate any longer, but every time a song randonly comes on, you stop and go "Wow - this was *great* album". Eight Arms To Hold You is one of those albums to me. I liked it at the time, but it's slowly become an all-time classic for me over the years.

        What are they like these days? I never bought the post-Nina "Resolver" in the end (or Nina's solo effort either for that matter).

        • jwz says:

          "Resolver" is great; I think it's actually my favorite (or at least equal to "Eight Arms"). The Nina Gordon solo album, "Tonight and the Rest of My Life" is not bad, but it didn't really grab me; it's pretty mellow, whereas Resolver is very hard. There's also a lot of good stuff that wasn't on the albums; the "Blow It Out Your Ass, It's Veruca Salt" EP and the "Officially Dead" single are especially fine.

      • imitrovic says:

        The first line of KMaps code was written 2 months ago... Besides, I put the web site on, wrote user guides on KMapsWiki etc. And I have my daily job in addition that has nothing to do with mobile mapping software. It is simply tough to write better app in shorter time if you work on something else during the day...

        I am trying to improve KMaps with each release and I admit that user interface is the area that suffers at the moment for the sake of features. Besides being a developer and living of application development for the past 12 years, I am a user myself and I know good UI when I see one, just as you guys do. It really is tough and takes a lot of time to develop application that has so many features and does a lot of extensive computing. For example, just consider smooth plotting of the directions on such memory limited device with thousands of points to connect along the route. KMaps has a lot of mapping features, including directions, route planning, local search... I am not sure if it has any less mapping features than any other mobile mapping apps, except GPS integration which I am adding soon. So, not all of my effort goes to location aware services as you can see, but location aware services are something that makes sense to me and that I think will be big very soon. Maybe not on KMaps, but finding people around, sending location aware messages and publishing location aware content and advertising for people on the go is something that many companies are looking at. For example, my intention with location aware dating is not to compete with It raises awareness of what can be done regarding location aware social networking and messaging... To say simple, my hope that someone in corporate world will understand the commercial value that can come from mobile location based services and KMaps is showing what is it capable of doing in that arena...

        I understand your aversion towards Java. The reason for using Java is portability. KMaps runs on Blackberries now and while I, being Treo 650 user myself, understand that Java is not something Treo consumers understand (as opposed to people in corporate world), the only way to make this available to a larger user base is to port it to other phone platforms... Besides, Java is the most secure platform around, the most open and the most connected. These are the values appreciated in corporate world but I am sure that consumers will start to understand these values, too...

        And again, someone, not satisfied with KMaps features may take his own stab into mobile mapping application and do it better than KMaps and everyone will benefit. The same happened to me. I didn't like the mapping app I had on my Treo and started writing KMaps... Hopefully that developer will publish it as a freeware...


  4. wetzel says:

    the red elvises played at my high school three or so years ago.
    i think my history teacher was roommates with one of them. (he's russian)

    weird world. fun band indeed.

  5. WOW! lots of great stuff!

    a better link for a might ruckus is now up:

    and i think our zombie goodness is performing at the chainsaw mafia festival. holy shit.

  6. otterley says:

    Some shows that aren't on your calendar but are worth considering:

    Sep. 21-22: Bloc Party @ The Warfield (why do you hate the Warfield now?)
    Sep. 21-22: Dead Can Dance @ The Paramount Theatre (best live performance ever, the last time I saw them)
    Sep. 24: Nouvelle Vague @ Bimbo's 365 (bossa nova versions of your favorite New Wave and punk songs)
    Sep. 26: The Rosebuds @ Bottom of the Hill
    Oct. 8: Devo @ Paramount Theatre (still through being cool)

    • jwz says:

      I don't hate the Warfield, but I have often had a bad time there. The staff are pricks, and the place usually reeks of pot smoke. For shows of that size, I'd much rather be at the Fillmore.

      I have always hated Dead Man's Pants. Ashley played some Nouvelle Vague for me once, and I wanted to claw out my ears. Haven't heard of The Rosebuds. Are Devo any good live? Their post-1984 recorded material is pretty weak...

      • otterley says:

        The Warfield is a beautiful venue, but its owners haven't given it the TLC it deserves. Many of the seats are broken and threadbare, and the paint looks like it's falling off the ceiling. If you get a broken seat, it can be an extremely uncomfortable experience.

        I can't say whether Devo is good live or not. I saw a live performance on TV once, and they looked and sounded pretty good, but for all I know it might have been dubbed. But, I have heard that the playlist for this tour is pretty heavily oriented toward the classic songs.

        Also: WRT Gogol Bordello - bring earplugs and possibly body armor. I am not kidding.

        • jwz says:

          Oh, I would only even consider going to a show at the Warfield if I could be on the floor -- sitting in theatre seats through a concert sucks. I never go to stadium shows either.

      • harryh says:

        I saw Devo in Central Park about a year ago, and thoroughly enjoyed their set. They pretty much stuck to their older material.

      • nosrialleon says:

        Devo RIGHT NOW is really good live because they're touring and in practice and in shape and have Josh Freese playing drums for them.

        They've played pretty much the same things each of the 3 times I've seen them: "That's Good" is the opener, and then the rest of their set is entirely drawn from the first 3 albums.

        On the down side, they're charging an arm and a leg to get in, and only playing about an hour.

    • whittles says:

      The Rosebuds - are they from NoLa? I feel like I saw them there, but I could be mixing up names.

  7. zebe says:

    Thanks for the helpful listing. Signed, bay area newb.

  8. harryh says:

    Are you aware that BRMC has stopped channeling the JMCG and started writing Americana songs. It's quite the, um, transition for them.

    • jwz says:

      Huh. No, I only have the first album. That doesn't sound promising. (But I thought they were ripping off Love and Rockets more than Jesus and Mary Chain.)

      • harryh says:

        Well, then I highly recommend checking out their newly released third album before attending their show. You might like it, I certainly know one or two people that do, but it's definitely not what you would expect based on their previous work.

  9. whittles says:

    Gogol Bordello is lots of fun, as long as you're in drunken bar fight mood.

    Thanks for the info on Capacitor. Sounds right up my alley.
    Cirque Eloize from Montreal is going to be in town for a while. They're definitely worth checking out.

  10. crypticreign says:

    > Grendel & Equilibrium @ DNA Lounge

    Nice! I missed this show when it came to Boston.

    Grendel is harsh-vocal'ed dance-y industrial.

    >FRONT 242 @ DNA Lounge

  11. you won't like grendel (cookie monster vocals + 1 keyboard,) however you might dig equilibrium. it's kinda synthpoppy, with female vocals, but has more depth than most things one would describe that way, and they have four people on stage actually -playing- stuff, which always helps. this will be their second show ever, so they're still warming up. i think their vocalist has some real potential.


  12. paul_c says:

    saw them in their home town (Northampton, UK - which is my home town too) about 20 years ago - I wonder why reform and tour now ?

    Dark Entries is still a great song (which I have on vinyl somewhere)