I, for one, welcome the Long Now lecture series

Tonight at 7:30 is the Long Now lecture series with Ray Kurzweil talking about, presumably, the Singularity or our new robot overlords or something. Herbst Theatre in the Veterans Building at Civic Center (not Fort Mason this month.) I've gone to most of these talks, and they're usually pretty interesting.
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  1. I kinda felt that Kurzweil went a bit off the deepend when he started moonlighting as a singing Anime chick.

  2. pjammer says:

    Just heard Kurzweil speak at the Accelerating Change 2005 conference last weekend and going through his "The Singularity is Near" a few chapters every evening.

    Can't quite figure out if he is going to retread the contents of his Accelerating Chang talk this evening, but if you're unfamiliar with his new material, it's probably worth a look.

  3. dasht_brk says:

    Singularity? Or the Big Chill[*]?


    [*] in the game theory sense; a maneuver which simplifies
    the future. Mmmm.... duck season. Duck season vs.
    robotification -- which do you think people with the means
    to fight will fight for, should push come to shove?

  4. lroberson says:

    Interesting. I almost buy into the singularity, but I haven't read enough material yet to opinionate effectively.

    Thanks, as always, for the link.

  5. dethtonge says:

    I used to usher at those. They were always interesting. I should really start going again.

  6. fgmr says:

    He just gave what I suspect is the same talk at my company the other day. It's basically, "moore's law applies to lots of technological things, and actually there's a second term in the exponent which means the rate of increase is itself increasing; also biotech and nanotech are really cool, so we're about to be able to solve all our health problems; also we're about to be able to make computers more powerful than the human brain, and we're about to be able to actually analyze the brain in detail, so we'll be able to migrate ourselves to computers; and all of this will probably happen within our lifetime."

    Oh but not to worry because the robot overlords will be us.

  7. strspn says:

    I believe the hardware power will be there, idle for hundreds of years before the software truly catches up to human level.

  8. joel says:

    Did you go the Long Now lecture on Time Capsules? Please tell me they aren't all that bad.