I, for one, welcome our new fundamentalist web filter overlords

giantlaser says:
Just in case any of you are curious, this is a mirror of the page that is displayed when you try to browse "objectionable" sites from any terrestrial ISP in the U.A.E.

I am tempted to replace all of my 404 pages with that.

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8 Responses:

  1. dzm6 says:

    10 years ago: The Internet will be an tool to spread knowledge. Governments will no longer be able to repress their people; the Internet will be the great equalizer. Oppressive regimes will crumble as their people experience the free flow of information and demand freedoms elsewhere in their lives.

    Today: The internets provide an exciting new opportunity to grind the government's boot waffle onto the collective face of the proles.

    • mizalon says:

      Before the Internet, they had access to no website.

      After the Internet, they have access to whatever websites can get around the government filters.

      Which is less?

        • strspn says:

          There are very few international companies that do not respond to anything that looks vageuly like a government subpoena from whatever country that they are located in or considering locating in. Yahoo! is not alone at all in this respect. Almost all email providers do it, your ISP does it, your IAP does it, the hardware manufacturers help at the design level to make it easy, because the FBI has been insisting on it since 1997.

  2. davidmccabe says:


    ^ software circumvents all censorware, be it installed by your father or your father state.

  3. jkonrath says:

    Did anyone upload this to cafepress and make a shirt yet?

  4. sleepsheep says:

    Yes please send us email to tell us that you are not following along in your Goverment approved weekly reader. (And please note that the police at your door are for your protection)