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You may have noticed that there are a whole bunch of "celebrity poker" shows on television these days, where a group of famous people sit around playing cards and being snarky at each other, and they film the whole thing. I can't imagine too many things more boring than watching someone else play cards, but I guess fishing has a rich TV history too... Anyway, I have an idea, and hopefully one of my many readers in the entertainment industry will make it a reality:

    Celebrity Dungeons and Dragons.

I want to see a TV show where the flying camera crane zips around the table where Wil Wheaton, Puff Daddy, Michael Madsen, and Lindsay Lohan play D&D. I would totally watch that.

"Yo, I'm-a gonna get all up in that orc's face with my Magic Missile. Jack you up, orc!" Then then announcers banter, "oh, Magic Missle! A bold choice, he might need that later. Here comes the roll..."

It would be GLORIOUS.

Update: Mr. Wheaton points out that there is nothing new under the sun...

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  1. ammonoid says:

    I can't imagine too many things more boring than watching someone else play cards

    I'm with you there. Tho billiards and golf are a close second.

    • Billiards (I know) and golf (I have to assume, by extension) are interesting if you also do those things.

      I think the same applies to the poker.

      Note that this doesn't mean I think it should be on television. (On the other hand, I don't own one, so what do I care?)

      • Too many negatives. "Not that this means I think it should be on television."

        • ammonoid says:

          I suppose you might be right, but the billiards shows I've seen are like 90% of the players walking around and looking at the table, and 10% stuff happening. Its something they should show at 4 am for the heavy duty insomniacs.

  2. avva says:

    I was right with you on watching that until you mentioned Lindsay Lohan.

  3. starjewel says:

    You forgot Dave Chappelle. He said recently on stage that he plays World of Warcraft. I'd be good with the above, except for Lindsay. She used to be good eye candy but lately she's just another blonde waif.

  4. st_arbirix says:

    Ah, Magic Missile. A spell not often actually used, but made absolutely famous by a certain little comedy group...

    Dead Alewives rock(ed).

    Celebrity D&D could also rock, or it could be about as exciting as a celebrity book reading on TV.

    A radio show on the other hand...

  5. nyankolove says:

    You're watching the SNL reruns on E! right now, aren't you.

    Phil Gordon: And finally, Gene Shalit has a pile of devilled eggs hidden under his cards.
    Gene Shalit: I'm "eggs-tatic" about these "egg-cellent" cards...and that's no "yolk"!

  6. carus_erus says:

    I just posted this to my own journal, though I'm mixed on the relative coolness (As CD&D would be awesome in its own right):

    I had a crazy idea this weekend. How much effort would it take to gather together about 50 people to perform Zombie Theatre on Halloween night. Get about 40 people dressed and makeuped as zombies shuffling and moaning down the street at the same time, while another 10 played straight-man dressed as business people and soccer moms and generally got attacked and harassed, and screamed "Zombies! Run Away!" trying to make the general public believe them.

    No shotguns or any weapons, just good plain brain-eating Zombie fun.

    My friend's brother said apparently it's been done before. Any links out there?

  7. alanablue says:

    I think celebrity LARP would be better.

  8. britgeekgrrl says:

    I'm probably admitting far more about myself than I should by saying this, but I'd *so* watch that show.

  9. bifrosty2k says:

    Well, there's always public access...

  10. dcdan says:

    About six years ago, they were airing coverage of a Magic the Gathering tournament on ESPN2. Granted there weren't celebrities and it not quite D&D, but I'm sure that at least one of your readers has mpegs of it.

  11. I'm still hoping for Celebrity Strip Poker. Although, do I really want to see Martin Sheen naked...?

  12. substitute says:

    Maybe the next time they lock up Z-level celebs in a house and film them, they can make the inmates play AD&D every night. I'm thinking Joe Piscopo, Lynda Carter, Jan-Michael Vincent, Kennedy from MTV, and Ike Turner playing with Gary Busey as the dungeonmaster, maybe?

  13. lars_larsen says:

    You totally should have made us all sign an NDA before revealing this idea. You could have made millions.

  14. gutbloom says:

    Goodness, what a good idea. When it is stolen from you and turned into reality I'll have the satisfaction of saying "JWZ had that idea about four years ago."

  15. chloralone says:

    The world could do without the resultant "BOOM! 187 on tha muthafuckin' drizagon, thy biyatchez" songs that would come out of that nightmare idea. Gives a whole new meaning to "playa".

  16. asan102 says:

    You've probably already seen it, but:

    Bush asks Condi permission to tinkle


  17. dachte says:

    I can just see the message boards for any such show going on and on over the most trivial details of the rules. Heck, maybe they'd need to hire someone from TSR to be the official last word.. There are few things more irritating than rules lawyers, and a show like this would bring them out of the woodwork. At the same time, if TSR managed the entire thing, it might bring a nice income source to them and help them raise the profile of their games at the same time. It would also have the benefit of pissing off the Christians, so I say go for it! I'd probably watch it.

    • gryphon3e says:

      Hey I could manage that for you

      Wouldn't even charge

      I'd do the rules for beer n food

      LOL theres an idea for a sign....will play DnD for Beer n Food.

      Anyway TSR do not exist anymore you might be better of with WotC...see perfect rule lawyer.

      Well I did help write the thing ;-)

  18. blackholly says:


    (over from boingboing)

  19. bulghod says:

    Anyone want to see the cast of the D&D movie actually suck at D&D?

  20. gryphon3e says:

    I would fekking play in that


  21. phoenixredux says:

    I work for a TV production company in Minneapolis. We do "outdoors"-type programming for ESPN, OLN and the Outdoor Channel. I added this idea to the board, and floated it past a few of the producers here. It's been met with little enthusiasm. I think that pitching "D&D TV" to the Boss might result in a request from them for me to take a piss test.

  22. edge_walker says:

    The link in the update is a few components short of the real thing.

  23. hafnir says:

    In the DVD bonus material, most of the cast is like "Yeah, I'd give D&D a whack" or "Yeah I played a bit in preparation for the role", of course said while their body language says "Yeah and it sucks". Although even better than that was the outtake where Jeremy Irons does a scene and the director goes "Cut" and this look crosses Jeremy Irons' face which clearly reads "I used to do Shakespeare, what the heck am I doing in this movie?!" (and otherwise recites from Alan Rickman in Galaxy Quest) as he sulks off the stage.