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DNA Lounge update, wherein KNOWING IS HALF THE BATTLE!

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  1. sc00ter says:

    Just curious..

    If you have a dnalounge syndicated feed, why do you post that you have updates in your normal journal.

  2. baconmonkey says:

    I believe it was you who once said "if your band consists exclusively of you and a laptop, at least get some costumed dancers"

    I'm pretty sure you didn't mean "Rabbit and Goblyn" when you said that.

  3. king_mob says:

    Unfortunately homophobia in the reggae community has been around for years and years. Bad Brains put out a song called "Don't Blow No Bubbles"(which explained that we should not "blow no fudge buns...it's the way we can stop the plague," if I'm recalling correctly) in the early 90s, and since they were that hardcore/reggae hybrid, all the PC hardcore kids stomped them down pretty quickly. Except the hardcore skinheads, who thought they'd found a kindred spirit. Except that Bad Brains were black. Bigotry is hard.

    Buju Banton put out a most similarly themed song called "Boom Bye Bye," which was a shame, cause his album Til Shiloh is one of the reggae albums I've enjoyed most without...uh...pharmacological help. More recently he was apparently accused of actual gay-bashing; like, the non-song you actually with do with fists and sticks and stuff. It's a drag.

  4. c9 says:

    Here's what I'm curious about: will you be inviting Sizzla back? Sounds like it was a successful hate-filled show.

    • purple_b says:

      I can answer that with a hearty no. That is, of course, unless he suddenly changes his stance and starts performing at benefits for local lgbt centers around the country.
      We have chosen not to host a few shows that would have been successful, because the band/group had views that we were uncomfortable with, and we'll make that decision again. I'm fairly certain that if we knew of his vehemence before booking him, we would have passed.

      • c9 says:

        Happy to hear it. Too many venues take a "no politics here" bullshit stance.

        • sketchthecow says:

          Hurrah on "no politics here". Were it not for jwz mentioning this artist playing with his specific slant, I'd have never heard of him; now when I hear "Sizzla" I go "Oh, yeah, the anti-guy reggae guy" and make an informed decision.

          If you drive non-popular information underground it takes on exaggerated worth.

      • Happy to hear it, seconded.

  5. Are those actually BMX pads that he's wearing? Good lord. Lack of imagination + laziness.

  6. leolo says:

    2 winters ago, I rented a room to a woman who would play Sizzla on infinite repeat. She claimed it was reggae. To which I said "bullshit" and put on the Steel Pulse "This is reggae".

    I guess after 30 years of drugs, even reggae artists are getting a bit tweaky.

    Regarding homophobia : rastas get their cues from the Bible. The Bible has many homophobic passages.

  7. g_na says:

    Same vocal effect on every song, which made it sound like he was gargling.

    When you mentioned they were playing, I went and listened to a few song clips. But every song had the same, overused, lame-ass vocal treatment. Ugh.

    Dear Industrial Bands:
    It's bad enough you perform live with only a laptop. But when you can't even do anything interesting in the studio, you're no better than the pop music stars you so despise.

  8. hafnir says:

    Is there any way to say to the bartenders "this is the good stuff and nobody gets that free"?

    I think Equilibrium has a lot of potential, but after seeing them live for the first time I think they need to play out more and get more experience live. It was a really good effort, though, and I look forward to their future shows.

    And I think it's a pretty open secret I'm not a huge fan of Terror EBM in general (which Grendel epitomizes). Which isn't that I hate it so much as it rarely excites me. And unfortunately it seems to be taking over industrial these days. It was better when it was just Suicide Commando and a few others doing it, instead of everyone. Although Grendel has a couple tracks I really do like.

  9. whoah, we're FUNNY, aren't we? providing entertainment for the LJ masses makes the whole debacle worthwhile...

    though what this update is missing is an mp3 of you actually MAKING that gargling noise. THAT, my friend, was priceless.

  10. violentbloom says:

    So it's your bar, why can't you just make a rule that drink tickets are worth x amount and anything more than that you have to pay cash?
    Or just don't accept drink tickets for those high end liquors...
    I know that's true at a lot of clubs, and usually any drink that isn't well liquor, is extra $$

    • jwz says:

      That doesn't really work; the bartenders are always going to give whatever they want to their friends, regulars, and co-workers, and if there's a rule like that then they're just going to feel like they have to sneak it instead, and that's just bad all around.

      We do have a few different denominations of drink tickets, but there are always going to be a ton of people who get special treatment.

  11. revglenn says:

    i can honestly say that the next time i'm at the dnalounge i will surely purchase some of the captain morgans private stock if it is there to be had.
    any drink tickets i get will continue to be used on beer and white russians

    grendel... well... was the keyboard on?

    i will always have fond memories of your rant when god module borrowed my keyboard and didn't even get a power cord from me.

    • jwz says:

      I actually don't know whether the keyboard was on. But I can't say it would change my opinion of them one way or the other...

      Mmmm, God Module. Good times, good times.