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The Daily Show last night was great, too. The videos are here, but I can't get any of them to play on OSX in either Safari or Firefox, and the source is too obfuscated for me to dig out the direct links. Dear Comedy Central, please fire your web staff, thanks. Inarguable Failure, Bush's Timeline, Beleaguered Bush.

Update: I can ban you just as quickly as you can post "works for me", you know.

Update 2: Direct links: Inarguable Failure, Bush's Timeline, Beleagured Bush. Thanks, edm...

Update 3: feed of latest Daily Show clips: dailyshow_video

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  1. kap_ says:

    Those videos play on my 800MHz Powerbook G4 just fine, the only special installed being Windows Media Player for OS X (ughh). Digging out the direct links proved to be a bitch here as well, and really, is there anything shittier for Mac users than WM? Bleh.

  2. c0nsumer says:

    I haven't watched this particular copy yet, but it appears that one can get (at least a portion of) last night's episode here: http://onegoodmove.org/1gm/1gmarchive/cat_daily_show_video.html

  3. duskwuff says:

    Works for me. (Safari, WMP, etc.) Took a minute to show up, though.

  4. scosol says:

    works in opera...

  5. running smooth on my ti-83...

  6. nerak_g says:

    Rodents of unusual size as the toxic swamp pumps into Ponchetrain...

  7. jerronimo says:

    that info graphic was one of the best they've had in a long time. i meant to keep it on my tivo so that i could transcribe it all. heheh.

  8. roninspoon says:

    Fortunately I started stockpiling yams and tiger repelent several years ago. I remain, however, completly unprepared for nuclear unicyclists.

  9. flipzagging says:

    I had the same problem so I created this RSS feed, syndicated as <lj user="dailyshow_video"/>. Most ads are filtered out.

  10. baconmonkey says:

    every response out of president dumb-fuck's mouth comes off about as convincing (and with similar delivery), as a crumb-covered child swearing a robber snuck in through the window and stole the last cookies from the cookie jar.

  11. kitten_moon says:

    Crooks and Liars has a clip from this show in WMV and QT, accessible over plain old HTTP.

  12. vxo says:

    See, the possibility of Osama and Jenna getting together and reproducing is yet stronger proof that the Bush family line all needs to be irreversably sterilized so that they may not continue to pollute the collective human genome.

    No breeding of "master races", damn you.

    Now here's a scary thought... remember when the media was talking about "Ben & Jen", or "Bennifer", etc, instead of reporting real news and information?

    One word:

    I can hear my mind screaming in agony over the sound of my own laughter.

  13. ioerror says:

    Oh man. If only those were the only disasters of the administration.

  14. whumpdotcom says:

    Oh dear ghu... getting the info out of these... okay:

    % curl http://www.comedycentral.com/sitewide/media_player/play.jhtml?itemId=17834

    Coughs up a hair ball. Look for <embed ... src="...", where the value of the src attribute starts with http and ends with mswmext=.asx

    Copy the src attribute.

    % curl the src attribute

    Returns an XML doc.

    The stream URL is in /asx/entry/ref/@href

    The asx format supports a mess of directives for telling Windows Media what to do, but seems overkill if you're only sending the URL for the actual stream.

    Should be easy enough to write a shell script calling tidy and xsltproc to munge these.

  15. wdr1 says:

    Where's the G in that list?

    • strspn says:

      (G)overnment PR releases disguised as independent reporting

      (G)od Grants: Faith-based first amendment obliteration

      (G)ore cheated of his victory by "felon" exclusions of names likely to be those of blacks

      (G)OP buries the Voting Rights Act in Ohio by distributing voting equipment according to party affilitation rather than the number of expected voters

      (G)lobal fucking warming

      (G)AO can't see Cheney's Energy Task Force papers

      (G)uard units decimated, unable to address fires and floods at full capacity

      (G)onzalez's torture justification memo

  16. this screen was awesome. my gf and i were in hysterics over it. thx for posting it.

  17. movingfinger says:

    Locusts? We had locusts last year. Has everyone blanked it out?

    "G" would be at the head. For George.

  18. graticule says:

    Jon Stewart's head to head with Christopher Hitchens was fantastic. I'm certainly a fan of Hitchen's rhetorical prowess whether or not I fully agree with his ideas, but let it be known that Jon will be my new baby's daddy.

    Christopher Hitchens on the Daily Show

  19. sleepsheep says:

    Update: I can ban you just as quickly as you can post "works for me", you know.

    Oh my Christmas I am laughing so hard at that. Me too, me too!