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"Tyra Banks underwent a televised sonogram on her new talk show to prove that her breasts aren't fake."
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4 Responses:

  1. ioerror says:

    It's really too bad that she didn't cut open alive to prove the point. I still don't believe it. Oh also, I wish that after they cut her open, they let her bleed to death so we could get the final word at autopsy.

    I'm not sure though. It could be fake. Just like her.

  2. balldoof says:

    After Banks asked the men in the audience to leave, Dr. Garth Fisher from ABC's Extreme Makeover performed a touch test and then the sonogram. He concluded: "Tyra Banks has natural breasts; there are no implants."

    Money hungry lawyer attempting to sue for sex discrimination in 5..4..3..2...