Clearly a more detailed study is called for.

Study: Half of All Teens Have Had Oral Sex
"I question how much girls enjoy" oral sex, Joe McIllhaney Jr., chairman of the Medical Institute for Sexual Health said. "I'd like to know a whole lot more about the pressure boys put on girls."

Survey Finds More Women Try Bisexuality

For women in their late teens and 20s, the percentage rose to 14 percent in the more recent survey. About 6 percent of men in their teens and 20s said they'd had at least one same-sex encounter.

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  1. ralesk says:

    Of course, gay women are a Hot Thingââ

    • reddragdiva says:

      The market for transsexual pr0n is entirely composed of "straight" men.

      • I was wondering where all the demand for the "pre-op transsexuals" advertised on flyers in phone booths came from. It seems like a rather specialised niche.

        • curious_jp says:

          I was discussing this earlier today with someone - there's a similar trend in erotic manga / anime here in Japan called futanari. As far as I know, this is just a Japanese word for "hermaphrodite": "futa" is "pair / two", not sure about "nari" but someone told me it was "shape" or "form". It's very close to "nani", "what" which is I imagine most people's reaction to seeing it for the first time.

          It does not seem to be a particularly underground niche, i.e. I see people reading it on the train.

          I'm sure there's a psychology major here who can fill us in ( ho ) on the details as to why so many straight men find this alluring, but I've heard a few theories around the traps. I can't really speak to the TS phenomenon, but for futanari featuring intersexed girl on girl, I think it allows men to indulge in penis related eroticism ( which they can viscerely identify with ) without considering themselves "gay". I guess this is similar to lesbian strap pornography, which allows penetration while replacing that pesky man with a wholly acceptible other woman.

          Of course, there's a whole slab of this stuff which is guy on intersexed girl, and would otherwise be straight hetero... with the addition of a rogue appendage - perhaps an expression of the idea that the more penises, the merrier. So I guess that, and the prevalence of TS stuff, blows my theory out of the water.

          -- curious_jp

          p.s. Does anyone know if it's ok to post kana characters in jwz's blog for Japanese words ( along with the romanisation )?

          • malreid says:

            futanari is hermaphrodite pornography - transexual pornography is known as "new half"

          • wfaulk says:

            Without trying to explain the entirety of straight male sexuality, I'd like to poke a hole in your theory. First, I don't find (male) gay sex exciting to watch, transsexual or not, though some of those trannies, mostly the Hispanic ones, are surprisingly hot as women. Not that you implied that all straight men like TS porn, but I think it's relevent to my point.

            Anyway, the obvious reason that men like lesbian porn is not that you're getting the "pesky man" out of the way, but that you're getting an additional woman. And it's not that we're opposed to seeing the men, but we are largely uninterested, and he's just taking up screen space. Having a MFF threesome is also nice, but so very often you get third-wheel syndrome (and I often find that the really hot woman is the one that gets to be the third wheel, which is never good). Anyway, the reason that strap-on sex is popular is because of a few properties of straight lesbian sex. First, there's the fact that men are largely unfamiliar with it. I mean, it's hard to empathize or put yourself in the place of anyone on screen. Second, seldom is cunnilingus, genital manipulation, or frottage very energetic. In addition, most of the time they seem like foreplay, so a lesbian scene with only those acts seems unfinished.

            However, if you put in a strap-on dildo, suddenly you get the best of all worlds. You get a person with whom the straight male viewer can identify and you get double the hot-woman visuals.

            I also want to clear up a few implications. Most straight men watching porn don't find the men repellent, but my implication that they're just taking up space is incorrect, too. There's actually a skill involved, surprisingly. I'm not really quite sure what it is, but some men seem to be in the way and others are not. I suppose it's like film direction. There's a skill in being invisible and presenting your story just as much as there's a skill in being over-the-top and flashy. Also, the implication that straight men could care less about non-strap-on lesbian sex is incorrect. First, there's kissing. Oftentimes lesbian kising is more erotic than lesbian sex. I don't have much of a theory on that other than to say that, again, you get empathizable actions with twice the attractiveness. Second, many men like to see women in ecstasy regardless of external context, so straight lesbian sex is good, too. But sometimes when you're not in the mood for that, strap-on sex is still good. So I think that there are two elements of desire in watching porn. There's "pretending" to be in the action, and there's also the desire to see other people in ecstasy.

            So, to sum up, I don't think there's any penis-related eroticism beyond the fact that that's simply what we're familiar with. So I'm prety sure that strap-on lesbian sex is not a gateway to TS porn. I'm pretty sure that there are separate sexualities involved.

            • curious_jp says:

              That was a good post. It's 1 a.m. here, and I'm trying to repair a broken bed in my apartment ( so this will be brief and incoherent ), but I one-hundred-percent agree with your points that the additional woman in a lesbian coupling is a visual bennie, so to speak, and that TS / strap-on sex trigger different "circuits" of eroticism. I actually had both of these points in my original writeup, and deleted them somewhere along the way ( I think because I couldn't clearly enunciate part of the second point ).

              I do apologise if I implied that men in general see the presence of other men in straight pornography as a sadly necessary eyesore.

              I'd like to poke a hole in your theory.

              And here's to poking holes in things. *kampai*

              • brianfeldman says:

                I think you guys are missing the possibility that for many people, gay male, gay female, straight, group, trans, futanari, FTF strap-on, FTM strap-on, etc. forms of pornography may be interpreted wholly or partially orthogonal to each other. Sometimes you really don't have to read more into something than that it's something people like.

  2. I question how much girls enjoy oral sex



  3. spider88 says:

    Wow, that oral sex article is so full of crap. The HPV strains (4 of about 100) that cause cervical cancer are not spread via oral sex. Contraception does not do anything to reduce the risks of oral sex. And why in god's name wouldn't girls like oral sex? This guy must never go down on his wife.

    • dzm6 says:

      I suspect the context of that terribly written paragraph is that the girls are on the performance side of things, less on the squirming and moaning side.

      I'm probably wrong though.

    • elegantelbow says:

      I assume he meant "giving fellatio" not "receiving cunnilinguis".

      • spider88 says:

        You'd be surprised. I've heard more than once people be shocked by the idea that women enjoy receiving.

        It's not exactly unheard of for people to enjoy giving, either.

        • elegantelbow says:

          I've heard more than once people be shocked by the idea that women enjoy receiving.


          It's not exactly unheard of for people to enjoy giving, either.

          Very true. Although, I guess it's easier for me to imagine a male doctor being uncomfortable with the idea of enjoying giving felatio than the idea of enjoying receiving cunnilingus.


          Perhaps there's something more going on with the data that's not reported in the article that makes him think that the giving and receiving of oral sex is coerced.

        • jesus_x says:

          I'll go so far as to admit I far prefer performing oral sex than receiving. Most people say, "Oh, you just haven't had a proper blowjob then." No, I'm just the exception that proves the rule. :)

        • I've known many girls who don't like receiving. It's generally related shyness/body issues/bad previous experiences, though.

  4. prog says:

    "You assume that females are more likely to give, males more likely to receive," said Jennifer Manlove, who directs fertility research for the organization Child Trends. "We were surprised that the percentages were similar."

  5. kaputotter says:

    Speaking from first hand experience, I was the one to instigate oral sex when I was in high school.

    It's not the 60s anymore; women realize Sex Feels Good And I Wanna Do It.

  6. But the article defined girl-on-girl to encompass activities as diverse as kissing.

    Just based on my experience, a girl kissing another girl is hardly a sexual thing. In fact, most of the straight girls I've seen a parties kissing each other only did it to get a rise out of the guys (sorry for the pun). I doubt it means that they've had a bisexual experience.

    /my two cents

  7. jcterminal says:

    the music matches perfectly i think.

  8. kallisti says:

    The numbers for both gay, lesbian and bi seem to be much higher in subcultures where there is a high concentration of very smart people, or at least more people willing to be open about it. In the various subcultures I am part of, Science Fiction Fandom, Computer Geeks, (Neo)Pagandom, there seems to be a much higher percentage of GLBTS people than in other places. But these groups are also more open to non-standard sexualities, as you will find there is also a seemingly higher percentage of people into stuff like BD/SD and such. That there is a larger percentage of people in higher learning institutions who will admit to same sex encounters seems to consistent with this observation.

    Of course, this could simply be more proof that the largest sexual organ on men and women is their brain.


    • For SF Fandom, chalk it up to generally higher degrees of tolerance and open-mindedness, rather than intelligence. Someone once pointed out that if you can accept a sentient plant as deserving of the same rights accorded members of your own tribe, a greater acceptance of people of different races and orientations is pretty much unavoidable. Once your reaction toward homosexuality changes from "YUCK KILL" to "Huh, how's that working out for you?" you're also more likely to get introspective with it.

    • A friend of mine has become a reporter in Labrador (part of Newfoundland, sort of), and in the tiny community she lives in apparently the norm is for women to have another woman as their primary lover, with boys on the side when they get bored. Everyone finds this normal, but they all think male homesexuality is bizarre.

      Nurture over nature, in an nutshell. Isolated communities (socially or physically) can evolve very different norms, sexual or otherwise.

    • valacosa says:

      I have limited experience here, but over 50% of the neopagans I have met are also bisexual.

  9. dasht_brk says:

    heh heh.... he said *oral*.


  10. Joe McIllhaney Jr. questions how much girls enjoy oral sex because he is, or at least appears strongly to be, one of those pro-abstinence/pro-marriage/anti-everything-else assholes.