Celebrity D&D, again

Regarding that idea I had:

Date: Wed, 14 Sep 2005 13:14:07 -0700
From: Wil Wheaton <wil@wilwheaton.net>
To: jwz@jwz.org
Subject: Celebrity D&D


No joke: I helped some guys from Upright Citizen's Brigade pitch this to Comedy Central. We did a live version for them at the Comedy Central Workspace earlier this year.

It was AWESOME, and hilarious, and I got to sit close enough to Paget Brewster to pretend that she was in love with me, but CC didn't pick it up.

There's a tape of it, that should /really/ find its way to the internets.

Which forces me to ask... why does Comedy Central hate America?


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  1. jcterminal says:

    you mean the idea where i rule the country as the awesomest motherfucker ever?

  2. britgeekgrrl says:


    I should have realized that Wil Wheaton pitched the idea already.

    And DAMN! Comedy Central. Damn them to hell.

    So, uh, I wonder when that pilot's going to find it's way onto the net...?

  3. sherm says:

    Surely former Star Trek actors reading your journal is some sort of sign of the apocolypse...

  4. liveavatar says:

    Maybe it's worth a letter-writing campaign. When I think of all the unmitigated crap that has made it to Comedy Central... I'd be willing to round up 10 gamer friends and make them beg CC for the Best Show Ever.

    • strspn says:

      September 15, 2005

      Sumner M. Redstone
      Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer
      Viacom Inc.
      BY EMAIL TO sumner.redstone@viacom.com
      AND BY FAX TO (212) 258-6100, -6311, AND/OR -6464

      MTV Networks
      1515 Broadway
      New York, NY 10036
      BY FAX TO (212) 767-8592

      Larry Divney
      President & CEO
      BY EMAIL TO Larry.Divney@comedycentral.com

      Lauren Corrao
      Senior Vice President
      Original Programming & Head of Development
      BY EMAIL TO Lauren.Corrao@comedycentral.com

      Lauren Gray
      Senior Vice President, Production
      BY EMAIL TO Lauren.Gray@comedycentral.com

      Kathryn Mitchell
      Senior Vice President, Programming
      BY EMAIL TO Kathryn.Mitchell@comedycentral.com

      Comedy Central
      1775 Broadway, 10th Floor
      New York, NY 10019
      AND BY FAX TO (212) 767-8592


      Dear Ladies and Gentlemen:

      We, the undersigned, in a resolution of Thursday, September 15th, have agreed to act in concert to request and encourage Viacom, Inc., and its wholly-owned subsidiary Comedy Central, to reconsider your unfavorable 2005 decision concerning "Celebrity Dungeons and Dragons," as prepared for your consideration by members of Upright Citizen's Brigade, et alli.

      Please be advised that in the event that you are unable or unwilling to reconsider your unfavorable decision against "Celebrity Dungeons and Dragons," then we have resolved to submit a question to be posed directly to the shareholders of the Viacom, Inc. corporation, and further, to circulate leaflets, petitions, fact-sheets, or other printed and electronic matter to the shareholders and officers of Viacom, Inc., at our earliest opportunity and the corporation's next meeting of shareholders.

      We hope to learn your response soon. Please contact us in care of wil@wilwheaton.net. Should you be unable to respond by October 15, we must then assume that you have disregarded this request. Thank you for your kind reply and consideration of our request.

      Most sincerely, your shareholders,


      Bron the Reincarnate, 13th level Mage/Ranger/Bard

      Gortek, 9th level Paladin/Bard

      Miener Powerlust, 34th level Thief/Bard

      The Right Reverend Storap, 3rd level Cleric

      (and others who wish to remain anonymous at this time)

  5. cooperati says:

    "Which forces me to ask... why does Comedy Central hate America?"

    why? because somebody would watch it. and that, in itself, deserves some punishment. (not that they'd be a rocket scientist... or have a pulse, or anything...)


  6. bifrosty2k says:

    We should petition them to release it.

  7. baconmonkey says:

    do you really think that gaining celebrity as the "Liberator of Celebrity D&D" will lead to happier times than the celebrity status gained as "that Xemacs guy who fueded with RMS", or as "That freaky netscape guy with the mennequins" or "that computer guy who owns a nightclub" or as "that lazyweb addict guy"?

    tread caefully, for this could bring on legions of fanboys, with even worse hygene and interpersonal skills than the computer industry fanboys.

  8. lroberson says:

    We need to send some troops in to oust that regime. It's repressing free-thinking peace-loving peoples.

    They suckered me into buying the first season DVDs of Upright Citizens Brigade, gleefully trashing my TVrips, only to completely fail to release the other seasons.

    Thanks a fucking lot.

  9. Um, why doesn't Wil just get a few of his celebrity buddies together for a home game, record it and distribute it over the Internet? Sounds ideal for IPTV and this would be a way to do it at close-to-zero budget. Perhaps celebrities don't want to appear on IPTV at zero budget, but they might. I dunno, perhaps Celebrity D&D could start with a very special episode for charity, or something.

    If I were convinced that the players were imaginitive and entertaining enough - which would have to be bloody so - I'd watch Non-Celebrity D&D over the Internet, but the bar would be set extremely high for me to want to watch more than five minutes, let alone episode two.

    • glenra says:

      Make it a video podcast! Downloadable via itunes and watchable on the upcoming video iPod!

      ...or is that going too far?

    • taffer says:

      Hey, as long as somebody edits it, I'll watch. I really don't need to watch oily nerds chowing down on chips while they wait for the rest of their friends to show up for the game.

      Note that I was one of those oily nerds (well, not too oily) in high school. ;-)

  10. tjcrowley says:

    All the great ideas have already been taken or tried, that's what this obviously means.

    Ask him if he can get the tape or if he'd be willing to do it again. We have HD cameras and an editor.