Bush asks Condoleezza for permission to go potty

U.S. President George W. Bush writes a note to Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice during a Security Council meeting at the 2005 World Summit and 60th General Assembly of the United Nations in New York September 14, 2005. REUTERS/Rick Wilking

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40 Responses:

  1. loosechanj says:

    WTF, is he writing himself a hall pass?

    • conradkilroy says:

      To paraphrase Bush:

      'But America doesn't need a permission slip from the international community to fight a war on terror.'

      I guess there's no bathroom breaks along that tortuous path.

  2. nugget says:

    It's that damn Bolton guy. He's always hogging the hall pass.

  3. He's so whipped. Kinda gives those Dominatrix boots Condi was wearing a whole new light, eh?

  4. saltdawg says:


  5. inoshiro says:

    I want to know what's on the bottom; it appears to be in a different style of writing.

    • asan102 says:

      I believe the last full line says "is this possible", dunno what the word is that he's in the process of writing. I also wonder how they know this note was for Condelezza - I guess they saw him pass it? I'm very disappointed they didn't reveal wether he got his potty break or not.

    • georgedorn says:

      Think it says, "Ia! Ia! Cthulhu fhtagn!"

      But I could be wrong.

  6. matintin says:


  7. allartburns says:

    I wonder what "BATHroom break" is code for and why it is so oddly capitalized.

  8. jered says:

    While we think he's a moron at least as much as you do, my husband points out that the President probably requires a security escort for such things and therefore does need to request such.

    It's still funny, though.

    • i agree. i actually think the way we (read: sane people) make fun of every little thing bush does really takes away from the times we point out the big things, like the illegitimate war that has killed thousands and all that.

      just sayin'.

    • illiterat says:

      Paint me clueless ... but when the president gets up and moves anywhere, aren't the security people trained to follow him? I can only hope it's a hoax, but then I've been thinking that since just after the 200 election results.

      • djinnaya says:

        I think that it is more of finding an acceptable way of leaving. I would guess that the president getting up and walking out on UN proceedings is a little more disruptive than getting up in the middle of a board meeting. It's not like he can say, "No, really. I'm not walking out because of what you said. Just taking a quick pee."

  9. It's rather frightening that someone with such black-and-white, you're with us or you're against us style of management only THINKS he MAY need a bathroom break.

    Unless the note means he wants to just get up and shit on the UN, but I always thought that was a continuous ongoing process, not a series of small incidents.

  10. anaisdjuna says:

    At this point.... I'm impressed he can use a pencil.

  11. jesus_x says:

    Condi writes back, "You should have thought of that before we started."

  12. pavlos says:

    Although this is funny, I think it's reasonable in a formal meeting to A. stay quiet until there's a break, and B. pass notes to one another about trivial things. So maybe Rice was about to speak and Bush wanted her to call a break.

    What are photographers doing behind the president's back in such a meeting? Surely participants should be able to show documents or exchange notes privately so they can synchronise what they're going to say.

    • *nods*
      I think what got me was the totally random capitalisation in the note - does he have so little grasp of the written language that he thinks it's OK to switch from LOWER TO UPPER case and back again mid-sentence, and even MID-word?

      • saltdawg says:

        I do the same thing when I'm hand-writing. There is no rhyme, reason for it, there are just certian letters that I capitalise and others that I don't.

        Of course I was beaten by nuns while they were forcing me not to use my left hand when I was learning to write. I wonder what his excuse is.

        • tomosaur says:

          Same here. While I was forced to care about how I formed my letters in grade school, I have long since stopped caring. W's note looks pretty much like something I would have written.

          In the interest of full disclosure, I am also a presidential appointee serving at one of the federal agencies.

    • darkengobot says:

      Bush should get a bunch of Nintendo DSes for his staff so they can do this in Pictochat. That would own.

      re: Photographers, depending on whether they're stabled photogs or not, that photo is worth tons in license fees. It will whiz (pun intended) all over the world, generating tons of income for the photog, or the agency. Everybody loves to see a big man humanized.

      Mocking the capitalization is screwy, though. I write like that myself, a mix of caps and lowercase. When I'm writing more formally (like in cards), I'll block cap everything; but for quickness, I use an odd mix of caps, lowercase, and cursive.

  13. pfrank says:

    I can't tell which ones are from the Onion anymore.

  14. rsheridan6 says:

    This is just a PR stunt by Karl Rove to make people think he's potty-trained.

  15. asjo says:

    "I made a BIIIIIIIIG one, Condi!"

  16. jkonrath says:

    When I visited the American Museum in St. Pete, Florida, they had an immense collection of JFK paraphanelia, including his personal notes. The country would have slept much better knowing that during the Cuban missile crisis, when the world was about an hour away from nuclear war, his notepad consisted of little more than hand-sketched pictures of sailboats.