This guy stuck 50,000 speech bubble stickers on posters around NYC and then took pictures of what people wrote in them:

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  1. ninjagirl says:

    Hah! That's fantastic :D

  2. saltdawg says:

    I'm sure you are familiar with the Andre the Giant stickers that are so ubitquitous these days. Well Shep Ferry started printing them here, in providence.

    Well he thought he was SO COOL with the andre thing, untill me and my buddies started making "speech balloons" for andre. Then he got mad and pitched a fit at a party at (name witheld by intuition)'s house. Things started to get ugly. I argued that he couldn't POSSIBLY be angry at my group for doing EXACTLY what he was doing to others.

    Now. He sells $100.00 sweatshirts that say "OBEY" inside 'hot topic'.

    I make less than m inimum wage to sail the seven seas, fight off pirates and convinc`e whores that they are in love with me.

    I'm quite hap;py I didn't place my future in trendy stickers.

    • jwz says:

      Yeah, the sticker market is a fickle market. You made the right choice with the whole nautical thing.

      I got Netscape to pay Shep to design the Mozilla logo. I'm still kind of amazed I got away with that.

      • saltdawg says:

        really? I was amazed to go see a show he had in savanna a few years ago. I mean I'm all for being rich and famous, but we were all just play acting way back when. I never imagined he did anything 'important'

        But then again, I've never done anything even approaching "important"

      • jesus_x says:

        Bwa! Ok, you must tell me either how to contact this Shep or the licensing deal with the Moz logo. As in, does the artists have any rights, or was it a work-for-hire and NS/AOL/MoFo would own the rights exclusively? I know you wouldn't know the deal NOW, but if you know what it was then, please share.

    • dasht_brk says:

      I always thought the trick to a good whore experience was convincing them that you were in love with them. I mean, if they were in love with you that implies some kind of expectation and entanglement and pretty much defeats the purpose of doing business with a whore. But you loving them? Well, that just gives them space to do apply their trade well. Of course, being mostly victems of abuse, you'll only convince them you're loving towards them if you really are....


      Oh, shit. This is that kind of thing I shouldn't be saying out loud, right?

  3. fo0bar says:

    I'm surprised at the quality he was able to get in return. I would have expected that out of 50,000, 49,995 would have been some dipshit kid tagging his name on them.

    (To this day I have yet to find a tag I could actually READ)

    • ciphergoth says:

      The ones you can read are worse.

    • 5beroptic says:

      You read my mind. I find it funny that a good chunk of the stickers have almost the same hand writing and usually in the bubble with only one quote. This would rarely ever happen in an urban area since everyone has a %$#$#@ opinion. Not to mention there appears to be a drop shadow on some of the stickers but I could be talking out of my ass. (or bubble)

      • charles says:

        If you look closer at this shadow, it's because the poster is covered, and the stickers are on the glass.

        As for the rest; 50,000 is a lot of stickers, and getting ~100 good-enough responses seems like a reasonable result.

  4. rzr_grl says:

    This is one of those perfect ideas where you think, "I coulda thought of that!" but, you know, you didn't.

    My fave is "nice ass."

  5. fastfwd says:

    How wonderful!

  6. telecart says:

    That's brilliant. I must steal that idea someday.

  7. zackbishop says:

    I love it. It's like a mini-Billboard Liberation Front.

  8. karlshea says:

    What's funny about the Starbucks "Have you seen my nipples" is that the original logo did have nipples.

    The history of the logo is here

  9. whittles says:

    none of the links are working for me and this makes me sad...

  10. kirinqueen says:

    "The specified script could not execute accurately." :(

  11. spaceninja says:

    Hey how did you get your journal so it comes up as possible content on Google.com/ig? Google's personal homepage thing.

    If you go "add content" and in the Create Your Own, type in livejournal.com, and your journal comes up as one you can add.

    Did you know that?