palm synchronization

Boy, that Apple Palm synchronization conduit sure does suck. Is this actually complicated for some reason, or have they just not touched the code in a decade? Why hasn't some third party yet written a replacement? Does the fact that even the Missing Sync people haven't fixed this mean that it's hard? Or that for some reason I'm the only one who cares?

These fields (and probably others) are not synchronized: Calendar event "Location" and "URL"; Address book "IM", "Web Site", "Birthday", "Picture", "Middle Name" and "Nickname". Most of these fields actually exist in both places, they're just not sychronized, so there's really no excuse.

I also whined about this on the Apple feedback page, but I don't have any reason to believe that's anything but a black hole. (Is it?)

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"Dear Linux People..." I am, incidentally, gleefully awaiting the first doofus who comes here and says, "If you were running the One True OS you could write it yourself, you whiner!", then I'll ask, "Do the Gnome or KDE conduits handle this right?" and they'll say "No, but that's not the point!" and I'll say "Choke on my fuck!" and then someone will post it on Slashdork. So let's not, 'k?

Update, Nov 2005: The new version of Missing Sync is out now, and comes with its own conduit that fixes most of these problems.

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items of musical note

Some things I am giving serious consideration to attending. Mark your calendars:

Mon, Sep 12:   Black Rebel Motorcycle Club @ GAMH 
Tue, Sep 13:   Grendel & Equilibrium @ DNA Lounge 
Don't know either of them, but I assume they're laptop-jockeys.
Sat, Sep 17:   New Model Army, Babyland, etc. @ The Cracktory 
Lots of bands in the afternoon in scenic Hunter's Point.
Sat, Sep 17:   New Model Army + Invisible Ballet @ The Independent 
Later that night. Invisible Ballet are 2/3rds of Halou.
Sun, Sep 25:   Folsom Street Fair Party @ DNA Lounge 
I'm not a fan of street fairs (I don't need to eat greasy food while men with hairy backs sweat all over me, thanks), but we're going to be open all afternoon for the usual goth nonsense, so that's where I'll be.
Mon, Sep 26:   Apocalyptica @ GAMH 
Heavy metal cello.
Fri, Sep 30:   Pop Roxx @ DNA Lounge 
It's fun, you should go.
Thu, Oct 06:   Stromkern & Battery Cage @ DNA Lounge 
I like Stromkern; haven't heard Battery Cage.
Sat, Oct 08:   New Wave City @ DNA Lounge 
It's fun, and you're old.
Thu, Oct 13:   Genitorturers & Beautiful Creatures @ DNA Lounge 
I'm not crazy about Genitorturers' music, but they always put on a very entertaining stage show; sets, costume changes, suspension, etc.
Thu, Oct 20:   Chainsaw Mafia Film Festival @ Parkway Theatre 
What do we want? BRAINS. When do we want it? BRAINS.
Thu, Oct 20 - 23,  
Thu, Oct 27 - 30:  
Capacitor: Digging in the Dark @ Project Artaud 
Capacitor is a super-awesome acrobatic dance troupe. It's been too long since I've seen them.
Thu, Oct 20 - 21:   Gogol Bordello @ Slim's 
The album I have ("Multi Kontra") is just ok, but I'm told they're really good live.
Sat, Oct 22:   Red Elvises @ Slim's 
Russian surf music. They're fantastic live.
Tue, Oct 25 - 26:   Bauhaus @ Warfield 
Do I want to see Bauhaus again enough to put up with the Warfield? Hmmm...
Sat, Oct 29:   Halloween @ DNA Lounge 
Need more be said?
Sun, Nov 06:   FRONT 242 @ DNA Lounge 
Wed, Nov 16:   Veruca Salt @ Slim's 
One of my favorite bands for many years, and I've never seen them...
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50 Foot Wave, Vervein

I saw a few bands the other night at 12 Galaxies. The first act was one guy with an accoustic guitar; I didn't catch his name, but it wasn't really my thing. And then:


    All-girl indie-rock with dual vocals; I liked them a lot. They seem to get compared to The Breeders in reviews, which I can see after having listened to the CD I bought at the show, but while they were playing they reminded me most of early Veruca Salt.

50 Foot Wave:

    This is Kristin Hersh's new band (of Throwing Muses) and they are awesome. They are much harder and louder, more punk, than Throwing Muses, and really tight. It's always hard describing music except by example, so I guess the best I can come up with right now is that the Nirvana song "Territorial Pissings" would not have been out of place in their set.
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