saving video streams

Dear Lazyweb,

How do I save a streaming WMV clip to disk in some replayable form, on OSX? E.g., this one.

I found this suggestion for using VLC, which doesn't work: it saves a file with no audio, and chunky, corrupted video. (In my experience, VLC doesn't work worth shit on half the things that play fine in the official WMV and QT players.)

QT 7.0.2, WMP 9.0.0 3307, VLC 0.8.2, OS 10.4.2.

(As usual, non-answers and pathetic attempts at humor will get you banned before anyone even sees how funny you aren't, so please don't waste my time, ok?)

Update: Best answer so far:

    mplayer -dumpstream -playlist url -dumpfile filename.wmv
That should work with both "mms:" URLs and .asf/.asx redirectors.
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