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Paragliding heroin smuggler shot down

Yesterday, when he crossed the ranges that divide Afghanistan from Tajikistan, his canopy was brought crashing to earth in a hail of machinegun bullets. In the wreckage 18kg of heroin was discovered, although by the time the Tajik guards were able to retrieve it the smuggler had run off into the mountains.

Sabza Sarkorov, the deputy head of the Tajik border guards, said that the paraglider had probably been injured. An investigation is under way.

Paragliding is a popular sport in Tajikistan, where the topography is similar to that of the Himalayas. But this is thought to be the first instance of a paraglider regularly transporting contraband.


10 Responses:

  1. rzrxtion says:


    nice music choice

  2. phoenixredux says:

    Well, thank god they got that guy. I'm positive that this will completely stop the flow of narcotics from Afghanistan. At least this proves that the War on Drugs isn't a complete miserable and abject failure.

    By the way, kilos of heroin also make excellent ballast for whitewater kayaks.

  3. lars_larsen says:

    Mental note: Cancel paragliding vacation to Tajikistan.

  4. baconmonkey says:

    but was he carrying a dead goat?

    • phoenixredux says:

      I may never make fun of baseball again.

    • anonymous says:

      Admittedly, the guts, bones and so on are removed from the cow before it's sewn into the correct bizarre and barely controllable shape, but that second form of the game does look like a gridiron play. (-:

      Leon Brooks
      Perth, WestOz

  5. billemon says:

    So they just ... randomly shoot every third aerial tourist, just to see if they've "got drugs" ?

  6. ronbar says:

    My favorite part is that the DEA gave up on eradicating the farmers' crops (and, by extension, the farmers) supposedly because they wouldn't want to bankrupt the poor "indigents", but the real reason they gave up is that the farmers were all armed and shot at them.