"Sean Hannity (631) 673-8003"

Indie rockers force Hannity to change number

A few weeks ago, we introduced you to Brooklyn indie agit-popsters Kids Against Combs, who'd just finished an album that used the private phone number of Fox News loudmouth Sean Hannity as its title.

Sean Hannity (631) 673-8003 was set to be released on July 21 by 10-34 Records. But, according to a press release sent out last week by the band, Kids Against Combs and 10-34 were issued papers on July 15 from Hannity's attorneys, "threatening to sue both parties if they proceeded with releasing an album named after Hannity's home phone number and containing the political pundit's home address in the CD's liner notes." (The digits, meanwhile, are now disconnected; "changed to an unlisted number," says the recording.)

[...] Luckily, the band had freshly printed copies of the album for sale, sans home address and retitled The Album Formerly Known As Sean Hannity's Phone Number ... Currently Sean Hannity Is a Democracy Subverting Douche Bag.

Despite the fact that 66 percent of our Style and Usage Panel prefer that "douchebag" be written as a compound word, they're in unanimous agreement that the new title works just as well.


8 Responses:

  1. He deserves worse.

    It's still damned funny.

  2. baconmonkey says:

    Cnet on google cheif: Similar thing

  3. rsheridan6 says:

    How could they do this to a futuristic action hero like Sean Hannity?

  4. octobaby says:

    I'm assuming KAC sees the irony of having their blog on MySpace.

    On the other hand, perhaps Rupert doesn't pay too much attention to MySpace.

  5. susano_otter says:

    What an awsome contribution to the public debate on all the serious issues that confront us today.

    Oh, wait, it's actually just delinquents making trouble for people they disagree with.

    Lord, the things that pass for news in this world...