on your feet, robot

Can breakdancing be far behind?


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Sad Mac

Back in 2002, cyantist gave me a Macintosh 128K, which was totally awesome. But then a few months later, the chain-gang sweatbox that is my office took its toll, and its monitor stopped working; it only displays a horizontal line now.

Does anyone still repair these? Failing that, what's the easiest way to get a new one that doesn't involve using eBay? (I hate dealing with auctions.)

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best headline of the indeterminate-time-period

Ok, the story about the ghost plane is pretty weird:

The aircraft appears to have flown from Cyprus to Athens on autopilot -- a flight of about an hour and a half. Chief investigator Akrivos Tsolakis told the AP an air traffic control diagram showed the plane had flown -- on automatic pilot -- to the Greek capital's international airport. But it was flying at 34,000 feet (10,360 meters) and turned south into its holding pattern over the island of Kea after passing over the airport.

"What troubles us is that the automatic pilot was functioning up to a certain point, and then it was disengaged, possibly by human action," Tsolakis said.

But the first paragraph is truly a gem of reporting. It's almost as if... it were written on autopilot... hey, wait a minute...

The Cypriot plane that crashed and killed all 121 people aboard flew on autopilot to its Athens destination -- but passed thousands of feet (meters) above the airport runway, the chief accident investigator told The Associated Press Thursday.

Dear CNN, please shoot your editors, thanks.

Also, what do you think the margin of error was on that "34,000 feet" figure? Because 34,000 feet is 10,363.2 meters, not 10,360 meters. Their rounding fu is the worst.

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Writer's remains en route to funeral

Thompson's ashes, along with fireworks, head to Woody Creek.

Hunter S. Thompson's cremated remains, mixed with fireworks and packed into 34 mortar tubes, were en route to Woody Creek Wednesday.

The unusual shipment from New Castle, Pa., via padlocked truck is one of the final steps towards a funeral Saturday expected to mix solemnity with pageantry.

Thompson's only son, Juan Thompson, stresses the respectful tone he wants to strike, but acknowledges that his father's funeral wishes were unusual. Based on Hunter Thompson's comments in a 1978 BBC documentary, fireworks launchers will arc his ashes from a 153-foot structure capped by a double-thumbed, red Fiberglas fist.

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The ashes wrapped in brown craft paper - similar to a supermarket bag but smoother - are set to fly at sunset, according to Marcy Zambelli, spokeswoman for the prominent fireworks company that bears her family name and will handle the display.

Zambelli said the fireworks will explode 300 feet in the air with a white flourish before Thompson's ashes fall to rest on the rustic property he called a "psychic anchor."

Thompson's ashes equaled the size of a basketball when widow Anita Thompson delivered them to the fireworks company Aug. 9, said Zambelli. The ashes are expected to return to Thompson's home in their new form - depending on such worldly factors as traffic - by Friday.

In addition to the "fist cannon," workers are constructing a bar to comfortably accommodate up to 400, said Moseley, a senior associate with the Denver consulting firm -GBSM. The wooden bar will have chandeliers, Thompson memorabilia, and a "lounge atmosphere."

"Think of Hunter's favorite place where he would love to entertain all his very best friends," Moseley added.

Actor Johnny Depp, a friend of Thompson's who portrayed the writer in a film, is footing the estimated $2 million cost of the send-off.

The Thompson family stresses that the gathering is a closed-door affair only for invited family and close friends. But Moseley noted that interest in the event is "off the charts" and people from around the country are driving into town.

The funeral includes private security. DiSalvo said his office had no "intel" that hordes of uninvited would descend on the Aspen area. "What we're basically gearing up for is any traffic, or any pilgrims who might be going up to the event," he said.


Feed Me, Seymour!

Previously: Potty Mouth, La Maria.

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squidheads in the news again

A model displays a creation of Colombian designer Carlos Valenzuela during the 'Colombiamoda' fair in Medellin, Colombia. (AFP/Gerardo Gomez)


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Let's see if this works....

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spurious link warnings

Dear Lazyweb,

Any time I compile an X11 OpenGL program on MacOS 10.4.2, I get a slew of warnings of the form:

gcc -o ... -L/usr/X11R6/lib -lGL -lGLU -lXt -lX11 -lXmu
/usr/bin/ld: warning multiple definitions of symbol _glPointParameteri
/System/Library/Frameworks/OpenGL.framework/Versions/A/Libraries/libGL.dylib(gll_api.o) definition of _glPointParameteri
/usr/X11R6/lib/libGL.dylib(dri_dispatch.o) definition of _glPointParameteri

They appear to be harmless, but I'd like to make them go away anyway. How?

Update: It seems like "-bind_at_load -multiply_defined suppress" is the proper incantation, though that may be hiding warnings that matter. I suspect not, though.

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Jules Verne's Three Laws of Automata

Jules Verne's Three Laws of Automata:
  1. A homunculus, automaton or other artificial being shall not serve a human red wine with fish,
  2. must always alert a human to shortfallings in the quality of his cuisine with a mechanical cry of 'sacré bleu',
  3. and shall not (through inaction) allow a human to be seen in public with mismatching gaiters and cravatte.


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this door will chew you up and spit you out

Tanaka Seisakusyo's Automatic Door: It's kind of a cute idea, but it clearly doesn't work worth a damn, as the video demonstrates. They wouldn't stand for this kind of thing in Starfleet!
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