Let's see if this works....

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  1. baconmonkey says:

    why yes, your hell-portal camera seems to be working, and has captured an images of conjoined cenobites.

  2. jspence says:

    If by "work," you mean "warn everyone that CMOS cameras are asstastic for low-light scenes," you have succeeded.

  3. zoratu says:

    That's with a 650? It looks more like the stuff you'd get from a 600.

  4. benediktus says:

    ja, very nice craniopagus twins... but this really gives me the creeps.

    • d1663m says:

      Small insight after watching a show about a set of conjoined twin girls almost like the picture you posted. They said "everybody thinks we're one person with two heads.Really, we're two people with one body."

      Each one controls her own side of the shared body. They have to cooperate to walk, ride a bike, wash, eat, everything. Kinda cool if you ask me.

  5. davidmccabe says:

    Perhaps JWZ is trying to indicate that he's been hitched. Just an idea.

  6. fastfwd says:

    Honey, if it works for you, it works for me.

  7. purple_b says:

    Wow, what a very bad example pic. You can't recognize me at all, and <lj user="rzr_grl"> is all cheek and mole.
    That aside, do we now know how I can post to lj with words only, and not use a flikr account to do it for me?

  8. hepkitten says:

    one trick to try is to focus the lens on a very very dark surface for like 20 seconds before attempting the pic. if your lens has a movable aperture it will open all the way, allowing you to get way better light in the end image.

    example of image where i did not do this:

    example of where I did:

    both were taken at Sparkies on the non-red neon side

  9. stenz says:

    My life would be just a little bit better if I were to find out that was from a toilet cam.

  10. bifrosty2k says:

    Hrm, did someone finally drink the Monkeys Ass?