K&K Mime Ministries

K&K Mime Ministries This is quite possibly the best God-narrated flash intro about mimes that I have ever seen. I am sad that there is no video.
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  1. cje says:

    wow. now I feel like watching wrestling.

  2. substitute says:



    I especially like this sentence in their bio: "K&K are the establishmentarians of both The Marmont Group and Mind Of A Mime Film Company. "

  3. doctorfedora says:

    Is it okay that I laughed my ass off during the intro flash? It all seems so... absurd. That, and it reminded me of the train wreck that is http://www.chasenafta.com

  4. porphyre says:

    I've been passing that link around for a few days now with the warning "turn your speakers down for jesus"

  5. joel says:

    My search is over!

  6. bassfingers says:

    In other mimey goodness, I caught Billy the Mime doing a show in LA this week. He's the guy in The Aristocrats that mimes fucking a dog...

    His routines included:

  7. Dreams of a Young Crippled Boy
  8. JFK, Jr. We Hardly Knew Ye
  9. World War II
  10. Close to her: Karen Carpenter
  11. Slave!
  12. Van Gogh's Starry Night
  13. The Day Called 9/11
  14. The Abortion
  15. San Francisco Nights: 1979
  16. Thomas & Sally - A Night at Monticello
  17. The Priest and the Altar Boy
  18. Terry Schiavo, Adieu
  19. The Clown & the Beautiful Woman

    There was some amazing stuff. In his WWII sketch, he mimed Anne Frank; Hitler's last days in the bunker feeding cyanide pills to his wife and their dog; the attack on Pearl Harbor; and Hiroshima, from both the locals and the pilot's points of view. Stuff that really shouldn't leave you rolling in the aisles laughing, but, it's mime!!!