Jules Verne's Three Laws of Automata

Jules Verne's Three Laws of Automata:
  1. A homunculus, automaton or other artificial being shall not serve a human red wine with fish,
  2. must always alert a human to shortfallings in the quality of his cuisine with a mechanical cry of 'sacré bleu',
  3. and shall not (through inaction) allow a human to be seen in public with mismatching gaiters and cravatte.


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7 Responses:

  1. ralesk says:

    Hahaha, brilliant!

  2. telecart says:


  3. The moving picture of of I, Automaton will open with a long lingering closeup on a jar of McWhorter's Syphilitic Unguent, before the star leaps out of bed and plays an elaborate jape on his fat automatic landlord using the unguent, a pair of logo-embossed Thompson's Vulcanised Suspenders, and a Victrola Phonograph, unfortunately reminiscient of a similar scene in Master Bueller's Day Of Leisure And Carousal.

  4. fastfwd says:

    Three snaps in the Z formation to Kim Newman.:)

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