"I'll eat your soul!"

Update: Originally from here, apparently.


24 Responses:

  1. sfllaw says:

    The eye within an eye thing is highly disturbing.

  2. jesus_x says:

    Goth meets anime meets sudden death under a piano.

  3. hmmz says:

    Interesting choice for a lipstick shade...

  4. justmealex says:

    That's a little bit too cutesy for me...

  5. uberlackey says:

    more like "eat my pockey" and then brood

  6. pete23 says:

    goth... the gift that keeps on giving.

    don't suppose there's a phone number off that link?

  7. st_arbirix says:

    That's all kinds of scary.

  8. abates says:

    Grief, I thought that was a doll at first and was trying to work out why the moulding around the eyes was weird.

  9. ioerror says:

    I love their username.

  10. fastfwd says:

    I think she was at our house last week. The one with the squid wasn't. But the squid was...

  11. giles says:

    I don't get it. All I see is two candlesticks.

  12. fantasygoat says:

    I like her hair.

  13. The Otaku Hawk uses it's brilliant colors and large false eyes to dazzle and distract the anime fan long enough to break it's neck, then eat their cheetos and empty it's wallet. The Otaku Hawk ranges predominantly on the west coast, though many park rangers are in talks to start a captive breeding program to introduce Otaku Hawks to other areas infested with anime fans.

  14. ammonoid says:

    While my initian reaction is to recoil in horrer, I have to admire the creativity. I would have never thought of that. Which is probably a good thing.

    At least her roots aren't showing!

  15. pfrank says:

    Goggles that someone never intends to put over their eyes drive me crazy. Just wear a fucking hair clip.

  16. ronbar says:

    Not much of an anime face with that giant nose.

  17. premiump says:

    It'd be cool if her eye make-up was tattoo's. Now that would be ballsy.

  18. valacosa says:

    Could have been worse. Could have been a pudgy, balding, middle aged white guy.

  19. escaevaotaku says:

    OMG, I know that girl! Jen... Well, I met her once.