I hear the ex-presidents are surfers

'Monte' dances on Reagan's grave. "Judging from my expression and body language, combined with what little I do remember, this appears to be about the time security guards noticed I had jumped the fence and started jigging over Reagan's rotting corpse (the original plan called for the Electric Slide, and then humping the ground, and then whatever else I could get away with, but security was stricter than we had anticipated)."

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  1. phoenixredux says:

    The article makes it sound as if he is indiscriminatley desecrating Presidential graves. Why doesn't he pick a president who really deserves it, like Andrew Johnson? I'm sure no one is guarding his grave to closely these days.

    • the_mangler says:

      man, i dont mean to hate on jamies board, but you gotta fix that foto. the thing is unnerving. the hand is the wrong want it is gives me the willies like exorcist head spinning. ;)i am talking about the president bush finger thing... woo. scary

    • jhf says:

      Yeah, maybe you like your userpic that way, but I'd thought I'd offer the real Bush Birdie shot if you'd like to steal it. I prefer it myself.

  2. ghostfreeman says:

    His story is inspiring to all americans who wish to piss on the graves of republican presidents ;_;

    Sorry, i'm getting a little teary-eyed.

    • the_mangler says:

      amen brother, amen!

    • Yeah! like.. Lincoln! Fuck that guy!

      • baconmonkey says:

        Yeah! like.. Lincoln! Fuck that guy

        some suggest Mr. Lincoln might like that

      • phoenixredux says:

        Someone already did fuck that guy. His name was Andrew Johnson, and he did his part to ensure that any gains Lincoln made for Civil Rights during the Civil War were undone, thus causing the 140 years of racial inequity since the war ended. Johnson delivered captured land back to the gentile rather than to the freed slaves to which it was promised. He backed away from a time when racial equality could have been written as the law of the land and forced the South to capitualte to Union demands as a precondition of Reconstruction. Instead, he ensured that people would still have to demonstrate today to protect their right to vote. Yes, it's 2005, and in some ways, the Civil War is still going on. Thank Johnson for that. Thank John Wilkes Booth for that. Piss on 'em.

        • If the United States actually gave every freed slave the fabled 40 acres and a mule, po' whitey would have freaked the fuck out. Yes, let's blame JOHNSON for 140 years of racial inequity, not just... fuckin' everybody else too. Johnson was a douche, to be sure -- but it's not like the senate didn't exist.

          Lincoln wasn't into some high-minded reasoning for freeing the slaves, unless your high-minded reasoning was "fuck the fucking south". Frankly, you're just not allowed to say what you're actually doing when you're president and then be able to get away with it.

          They hate our freedom!

          Lincoln gave the confederacy several chances to rejoin the union and keep their slaves, but the south said "fuck that, yo!"

          This has been your Jay Barnes history lesson.

  3. lomake says:


    i love it.

  4. tregoweth says:

    God bless those pagans.

  5. smackfu says:

    The second picture in the link looks like he's started tapdancing.

  6. Bush II is making Reagan look down right attractive, at least he believed we had rights, personally killed a national ID card plan, and was sufficiently pro civil liberties that no real nasty police state type legislation was passed until Clinton.

  7. korgmeister says:

    Man, that is in some poor-ass taste, IMO.

    What's with this 'Satanist' crap, anyway? He's not a Satanist just because a bunch of guys on a message board said he was.

    • Well that's the point.

      And also, WHAT-ever satanist. Why don't you just go back to worshipping satan, satanist.

      • korgmeister says:

        Er...the tastelessness or the not a satanist just because of a message board title?

        Mind you, having a look at the site in question, I'd guess the former. WND ain't wrong about it being a "vulgar site". Just goes to show that no matter how far I think I'm crossing the line into bad taste, there are people way ahead of me in that department.

        But yeah, saying "Oh, let's arrest him for dancing on Reagan's grave" is just as stupid as doing it in the first place. But I guess this is the point. Someone does something stupid and nuts that make other people respond by being stupid and nuts so the former person can point at the latter people and go "OMG! THEY'RE STUPID AND NUTS!"

        Now admittedly that's funny. If you have the mentality of a six year old.

  8. sc00ter says:

    Anybody else have a problem with this quote from the article:

    ""'Dutch' was my commander in chief. I have personal interest in getting this individual and trying to protect the desecration of presidential graves against First Amendment rights.""

    So basically he wants to take away some first amendment rights. Thanks, but no thanks.

    I went to the website of the guy who said that... He also said something about how the guy dancing doesn't appreciate the people that fight to give him the freedom to do such things.

    I never understood that.. How would anybody know they have the right to do such things like peeing on an ex-presidents grave, or burning flags unless people did it..

    Hell, some people probably go to war so they can pee in the grave of the bastard that sent them there later on!

    • While I think it's funny, I don't necessarily think pissing in a public place is a first amendment right, otherwise gutter drunks are fucking patriotic as fuck.

      But I also don't think it's the sort of thing where, if you get away with it at the time, the powers that be should be able to find you and arrest you later for it. There needs to be some sort of "Haha, okay you got me!" provision in the law for certain things.


    • tomosaur says:

      The libraries (where Nixon and Reagan are respectively buried) are administered by the National Archives, but they remain in private foundations. You don't have the right to piss and dance on private property. Grow up.

      • sc00ter says:

        So it's already illegal.

        So why say we need to limit our first ammendment rights to something we already can't do?

        No reason for new laws when exsisting ones work.

        • jesus_x says:

          Because then the ultra-right-wingers wouldn't have a somewhat justifyable excuse to start chipping away at the one thing tha's bugged them most, free speech. Until they can kill that, they can't charge you for it, or institute the manditory propaganda recital - er, prayer.

  9. webwench says:

    If that's the most effective way this guy could come up with to make a point, he's sorely lacking in imagination. If he thought he was actually achieving something concrete or making a difference by pissing on a patch of lawn, he's just an idiot. Can't he come up with something more useful to do?